Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Happy Monday!

No new muffin recipe today. No road trip pictures to share today. In fact, no pictures at all since I'm having trouble with Picassa. :(

What I do have to share that makes it a truly happy Monday is that our Etsy Market is back online (finally!). If you want to check it out, click here, and if you order something, you can use this discount code [VACATION10] for 10% off! We'll be adding new items throughout the soaps, the cutest jewelry frames (on which to display your favorite pieces), magnets, lavender, vanilla extract, muffin mixes, and more!


I'm thrilled to announce that my Cascade's Cabled Mitts pattern is now available on Knit Picks!! Am I excited? Definitely!! You can check it out by clicking [here].

[*edit*  Yes, I know I said I wouldn't have any pictures in this post...thankfully, I was able to lift this one off my blog!]


The husband's 50th birthday party went perfectly! Will share pics when my Picassa is working which will, Lord willing, be later today!



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  1. Sorry you can't get your photos to work. I had that problem with Flickr and ended up switching to photobucket. I like their web site. It's quite easy to use once you're used to it.

  2. How wonderful that your talent is so appreciated :) Congratulations! m.

  3. Checked out the site and the pictures look great!! So excited for you!

    Love you,

  4. Yay! You're a famous knitwear designer! :)

    1. Thanks for visiting! Famous? Not so much. :) Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement!


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