Saturday, September 28, 2013

an oasis of calm...

The husband whisked me away from it all for a one-night getaway early Thursday afternoon. I was reluctant to go, but with my desk nearly cleared and the daughter-in-law's willingness to pick the kids up from science class Thursday afternoon, I ran out of objections. The drive up to Issaquah on I-5 (as well as the drive home and much of the time in between) provided an abundance of quality time with my needles as you can see in the photos. And while this wasn't a pleasure trip (we attended a meeting of the Pacific NW Presbytery for the PCA -- our church denomination), it was indeed pleasurable to enjoy one-on-one time with my guy, learn how Presbytery works, and knit for hours and hours. My tea leaves is almost to the point of dividing stitches for the sleeves, and my hitchhiker is about half way there. :)

"...for this busy homemaker, stitching was an oasis of calm,
something very different in her day of “next urgent things.”

~Karen Andreola

Apart from the knitting and the quality time with Dan, at Presbytery we were able to connect with dear friends from Everett; friends we've known since our boys (our #2 son and their oldest) were only 12 -- lots of history here. We laughed. We always laugh. Easy to see why... "A merry heart does good, like medicine..."

Today (Saturday) we're back at home working as a united force to clean and organize before Jessica arrives in FOUR DAYS!!

See you back here Monday for our final September giveaway! There's still time to sign up for last Monday's giveaway...check it out here!


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  1. Anonymous9/28/2013

    Oh Lisa...what a blessing it must have been for you and your guy ;D A lovely oasis during such a busy time of year. Four more days and counting!!!! m.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Maria. :) Always such a treat to see a comment here from you, my friend! Lots done today and looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. Will be finishing up with getting the house in order on Monday and Tuesday... So excited!! Blessings, ~Lisa

  2. nice getaway! how exciting that your daughter is arriving! My two kids just left and I won't see them until Thanksgiving. Unless I drive to visit them. Tea leaves, I love you!!!

    1. When the daughter and son in law lived in southern CA we could do the drive in a (long) day; no so easy when a continent and an ocean are in the way. :) Loving my tea leaves!

  3. Oh Lisa, Yes you do look merry. How lovely to be whisked away. And I'm glad you felt it to be an oasis of calm in your busy life.

    This is the first I'm hearing of a place called Issaquah. I wonder if it is a Native American name like some of ours in Penn.

    Your heather green wool looks an interesting pattern. I have three knitting projects started with an eye on Christmas.

    1. Issaquah, east of Seattle, does indeed have a Native name. Being a daughter of PA, I miss it so and remember all those interesting non-English sounding places and rivers. Happy knitting, my friend! :)


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