Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday: rain, tomatoes, and it seems like Saturday...

It's raining this morning. We like to sleep with the windows open this time of year, but what a mistake that was last night. The windowsills on the south side of the house were all pretty wet, but a quick wipe and that was fixed. Nothing like waking up to the sound of rain. Seems fall is upon us, ready or not. The home business is off to a great start -- please keep us in your prayers for sufficient work. This week has been slow, so the husband has been around more than he was over the past few weeks. Having him here makes it seem like Saturday. Daniel has had opportunity to work with Dan several times now which is such a blessing. Me? my role in this little venture of ours is to keep the books and manage the rest which is keeping me...busy. The desire to knit is often overcome by the necessity to study Quickbooks, but a certain favorite person of mine has a birthday coming, so knitting wins today. And what better to do when it's raining than knit? :)

Tomatoes! Last year was our first to try growing them, and we had nominal success. This year we'll harvest more than enough, Lord willing, for homemade tomato sauce and maybe some homemade salsa. If you're wondering what else is growing in the tomato bed, we planted basil, carrots, and marigolds which are all supposed to complement each other! We pulled back the plastic cover yesterday and picked what was most ripe; the rest need a few more days, I think, of warm weather. Thankfully, the weatherman is predicting sunny days next week. Praying...

The grandpa of the house had the pleasure of rocking little Lottie to sleep the other night. I think this is one of my most favorite pictures ever. :)

Last night while attending a parent orientation for the kids' science classes, I ran into a nice lady who asked, "Are you the lady who sells vanilla at the Prairie Bazaar?" She needs more. And she loves my soaps. :)  Nothing like a little sunshine to encourage me -- will be pouring today and restocking my Etsy if you're interested.

Hope you'll check back here on Monday when I'll be hosting an exciting (!!) giveaway -- the first of four for the month of September!



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  1. Anonymous9/06/2013

    I love the sound of rain falling! Not fall here but we are down to the 80 s most days.

  2. Oh, that first picture!! Love !

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Love the pictures, love your garden! Can't wait to meet that little baby girl. Don't know when the last time it rained here in Kansas. Was 92 today!! Love ya!

  5. praying for you business venture! Lovely photo of grandfather and babe :) That is frame-able :) Fall is creeping in over here, but we are to have a mini heatwave that I hope they are wrong about.

  6. hi lisa
    love the first picture!
    your tomatoes looking knitt on rainy days ,too.
    have a nice day,


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