Thursday, December 5, 2013

buttons and a button giveaway :)

Yesterday I mentioned that I'm looking for a set of buttons for my tea leaves, and I thought I'd share what I found when doing a little looking last evening:

2 Oregon Wood Buttons- Oregon Cascara Wood- Knitting, Sewing, Craft Buttons
buttons by Wooly Moss Roots on Etsy

Carved flower wooden buttons - New sew through matching brown buttons, 25 pcs, 25 mm, 1 inch, painted wood round buttons, 4 holes, A063
carved flowers by k and c supplies on Etsy

Four Wood Buttons Black Walnut (1 Inch)
black walnut buttons by anthony's wood shop on Etsy

Flower power, hand made set of 6 buttons from walnut wood, wood burned design.
flower power buttons from Walnut Tree on Etsy

Jarka of Walnut Tree has a button giveaway on her blog and will be announcing the winner on December 9th!

So many to choose from! I'm leaning toward flower power or the black walnut buttons, but I just can't make up my mind...


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  1. Thanks for the heads up; I entered the giveaway you wrote about.

    I won buttons from Wooly Moss Roots a year ago and will use them on a sweater I knit for myself.

  2. You are in heaven to have to choose from each beautiful button group :) That is a lovely predicament. I've already entered the giveaway, fingers crossed!

  3. I just love button shopping. Jarka has some beautiful buttons on her site. I will definitely be stopping by there the next time I need some.

  4. All those buttons are an excellent choice. I am partial to the carved flowers.

  5. AWS's black walnut buttons look like a set of buttons I bought in a little shop overlooking the bay of Camden Harbor, Maine. I used them on a red Aran size 2 knit in Donegal Tweed cardigan - buttoned up the boy's side. The yarn and cables were busy enough so the plain buttons worked well - but oh, I like the carved flowers, too - for buttoning up the girl's side - that is.

  6. I love the flower power ones, myself. Either way, I'm sure what you pick out will be beautiful!


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