Tuesday, December 10, 2013

good morning...

It's been chilly here... please pardon the nasty webs woven across the bottom of our kitchen window thermometer. This was Friday morning, or maybe it was Saturday. It was 8 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke on Sunday, and I was (and am) thankful for the heat provided by our woodstove. Daniel has done a great job of keeping us in kindling and stocking wood indoors. Down comforters have kept us all warm at night since the heat from our stove doesn't travel upstairs to our bedrooms very well. A bit of snow has fallen, just enough to create a pretty view out our windows.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather on Thanksgiving to have our family picture taken before all the family arrived (thanks, Jeff!). Costco photo cards were ordered yesterday and will be picked up, addressed, and sent off by the end of the week, Lord willing. Funny how the annual family photo for Christmas cards so clearly evidences the growth of our children year by year. It happens imperceptibly day by day, but photos don't lie, do they? Sigh. I'm thankful that even though they're growing older, both Daniel and AnnaLynn still enjoy all the holiday traditions our family has established through the years. Of course, things change as they grow older, and with the busyness of the business, my thinking was to decorate and do less decking the halls, but this year in particular, we have discovered that tradition is important, and so although we have changed things up a bit, the tradition bug was satisfied. :)

We have tried over the years to make St. Nickolas Day (Dec. 6) the day we put up our tree and decorate, this year we were able to decorate the house and put lights on the tree, but trimming the tree had to wait a day which was just fine since we baked cinnamon rolls to enjoy while hanging our ornaments. The holiday movie collection is out; so far we've watched The Polar Express and It's a Wonderful Life (in black and white, of course) -- Christmastime traditions! :) Such a glorious time of year to anticipate the coming of the Promised One and to rejoice in the many blessings we enjoy because He did so!

Happy Advent!


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  1. it's finally snowing where I am! Blessing on your week! lovely family pictures!!

  2. What a beautiful picture! Your family is lovely. We are still working on getting the tree done too. Tonight will be a festive one with going to the local shrine to see their HUGE light display followed by some holiday movies.

  3. you all look so happy! my two will be here over the next week for a month!! yay! I am making my lists and getting all organized.

  4. Hi Lisa! Sorry I haven't been by as much...super busy, haven't blogged as much as I need to, and have just been a bit overtired. Your photo is lovely...yes, your kids are sure growing fast! What a lovely family :-) Wishing you and yours a blessed Advent season, and Merry Christmas!

  5. my daughter is almost 40 and has her own house and family---and there are still things that she 'insists' happen here....they are IMPORTANT!! You are building wonderful memories as well as traditions! Happy happy holidays Lisa!


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