Monday, January 20, 2014

on making progress...

"If you are on the wrong road,
progress means doing an about-turn and
walking back to the right road."
—C.S. Lewis

So here it is almost two weeks since I last posted. Settling into a new school schedule with the kids and managing our family business has filled my days leaving little free time to knit or visit this space. I have a pair of tiny baby socks on the needles and a few projects waiting in the wings that I'll share on Wednesday. Thanks to those of you who've visited here during my unexpected blog break; I will do my best to catch up with you!

The sun has been shining here in the Pacific northwest a little more than usual during what is normally our dreary, drizzly month of January, and although it's been wonderful for my SAD, the lack of rain does cause me a bit of worry for the water supply this summer. A walk around the homestead yesterday afternoon sparked thoughts of this year's garden resulting in a rough list of to-dos which includes putting up the clothes line we purchased last July in Lancaster, digging / installing a root cellar, and the acquiring of at least two rain barrels.

The electrical contracting business we started last summer is doing well and keeping us all busy in one way or another, thank the Lord! I'm trying to pull together all the paper work our accountant has requested for preparing our taxes, so keep me in your prayers as this is our first tax season since starting the business. Despite the sometimes overwhelming learning curve, we continue to learn day-by-day how to do things better and are thankful for our self-employed friends who've encouraged us along the way.

Schooling is rigorous and continues to grow more independent for both Daniel and AnnaLynn who are enjoying the freedom that independency brings. Me? I'm busy "working" in the morning while they make their way through piano & violin practice, algebra, and science, although I remain available as needed. (So nice to school and work at home where both revolve around life -- such good lessons for my kids.) We spend lots of time together after lunch time working on history, writing, and logic. Read-aloud time is my favorite as we each take a turn while the listeners are free to work on an art project (or knit!). Our current history read aloud is Pilgrims Progress; Dan is reading The Hobbit aloud in the evenings (yes, the book is far better than the movies).

The Lewis quote I found here and just had to share as it seemed to sum up the dilemma I'd found myself in earlier this month. Progress is an ongoing journey, I think, and making at least a little has been incredibly satisfying. :)

Knitting and garden photos coming later this week, Lord willing!



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  1. Anonymous1/20/2014

    Progress is surely ongoing...but it is here that we continue to learn. It sounds like your life is busy, yes, but oh so blessed indeed. The electrical business going strong and healthy...the children learning, enjoying time independently, and you...still being a mama to them and a wife to your hubby. Yes, a truly blessed life :0)

    In His Love,


  2. So glad that the business is thriving, hopefully you will be able to carve some time out for knitting and blogging in the days of come.

  3. I was thinking about you this morning Lisa so I am so happy with the update. Hooray for a thriving business. Don't sweat the tax season, I'm sure you will be fine. We have been self employed for almost thirty years so I know how you are feeling. Can't wait to see your knitting.
    PS- Yes, the book, The Hobbit, is ten times better than the movie. Poor Tolkien who never wanted his books made into movies.

  4. sounds like a busy, beautiful life! How fantastic for you: been praying for your electrical business; we know how hard it can be!
    A root cellar? really? I am so envious! And I am waiting, as patiently as possible, to see pictures of this endeavor. I am trying to convince my husband that I NEED one! My son is all on-board because it would involve large equipment haha.

    Many continued blessings for you and yours, my friend


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