Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On my needles...

Phew! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to share this week due to problems with loading pictures and then Picassa wasn't working...but, thankfully, here I am and here are my pictures. *smile* So happy to be able to share in this week's Yarn Along after missing out the past few weeks. :)  My needles haven't been very productive the past week or so, but I have picked them up now and then to add a few rows to the adorable newborn socks I'll be gifting the next time someone I know has a baby boy. :)

Current reads include some early morning devotional reading, my Bible, some books for garden inspiration, and our current family read-aloud: The Annotated Hobbit. I'm still indulging myself by re-reading the Little House books and have to admit that I'm enjoying them tremendously! It humors me that Laura makes the point, over and over, that Mary was always such a good little girl, but that she, herself, was a bit naughty.

My teas leaves, FINALLY finished, has become a favorite sweater; I'm hoping to cast on another in a yarn that would lend itself to springtime temps and cool summer evenings -- any suggestions?

Did you notice my new knitting bag? It's HUGE! And I picked it up for only $3.50 at our local Goodwill store -- score! It's perfect for holding several projects and for taking along with me when we're out at the kids' music lessons.

That adorable knit dolly was a Christmas gift I knit for Charlotte. I love the way she turned out. :)  Other Christmas knitting included the scarf pictured above for a dear friend (and two others like it for other dear friends). And, finally, that's Charlotte modeling a larger version of my 1-2-3 Baby Beanie (I still need to update the pattern to include the larger size I made for her). 

Ravelry notes for everything here is over on my project page if you care to take a look! I do have a couple new patterns that I'm hoping to finish writing up very soon -- so exciting!

So how's your yarn garden blooming? What's new in your world? Please share in the comments and join me at Ginny's. :)


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  1. wow that sweater on you is gorgeous!! Love the fit, I wear mine (two of them) all the time and they keep me warm. Cute little doll for a cute little girl :) Glad your photos uploaded and you are here today.

  2. Charlotte has the most beautiful eyes!

  3. So many projects! My favorite is the doll.

    Here's my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-124/

  4. Love the little dollie. Cardigan fits you so well.
    As above - what beautiful eyes Charlotte has!

  5. I LOVE the doll! She looks so serious and soooo cuddly! And the baby beanie is just the perfect for your beautiful little lady!

  6. I am so glad you were able to post today Lisa, so much goodness in your post. Love the little socks, the sweater [just beautiful] and the wee little doll is adorable.

  7. AGH! I love that doll! You did a great job on the face, I feel like that's the hardest part of any stuffed project. Your cardigan is lovely too.
    I am still reading Little House on the Prairie and enjoying it. But I am a little always amazed that I NEVER hear any controversy over the way Pa and Ma talk about Native Americans, especially with the high opinion most of us have of the family and the life they led. Maybe I'm just extra sensitive to it since we love, live, and work among the Yakama Indians, but I am finding that I almost can't get through the parts when Indians appear because of the stereotypes and language used (like when the neighbor says the only good Indian is a dead Indian, just raises every hair along the back of my neck).
    So glad you were able to join Yarn Along this week, all your knitting is so lovely!

  8. Oh! also, we have that Week by Week Gardening book and I really like it. What do you think?

    I am adding you to my feedly reader so I am sure to catch your other posts because I keep forgetting how much I enjoy your blog when I pull it up!

  9. Your sweater is WONDERFUL!!!

  10. I like your tea leaves and that hat is twice as cute because of the baby in it!! I reread the little house books last year and really enjoyed them

  11. So many great knits! The tea leaves is beautiful. Is Picassa what you use to tag your pictures with Happy in Dole Valley? I would like to be able to do that on my blog pictures.

  12. Such lovely knits, the wee dolly is gorgeous as is Charlotte :)

  13. love these knits! yay! you do such beautiful work!! I've been having the same picture problem; so frustrating! I figured out that If I go to 'create post' and hit the picture icon and go to pictures that way it works well, but if I had modified a picture in P. itself and P. is not working then it really is not working... so I know all about that!

    blessings on your week!!!

  14. Anonymous1/23/2014

    Cute socks ~ I love the Patons Kroy sock yarn, it's so warm. :-) Adorable baby and little red hat!

  15. Patons Kroy yarn, just the best for socks, isn't it? And I love those great Goodwill finds too! :)


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