Tuesday, February 25, 2014

feeling thankful...
{10 on Tuesday}

This week's 10 on Tuesday assignment calls for ten sentences beginning with the words, I feel...

Lately, I've been feeling thankful!

1. I feel thankful we were able to attend yesterday's "Day at the Capitol" in Olympia!

2. I feel thankful for the freedom to homeschool.

3. I feel thankful for fiber and future projects...

4. I feel thankful for the beautiful landscape outside my windows.

5. I feel thankful for thoughtful friends and tea. :)

6. I feel thankful for the Word and each promise contained therein.

7. I feel thankful for our new pastor.

8. I feel thankful that spring is right around the corner. :)

9. I feel less than thankful for the deer who ate my primroses overnight...

10. I feel thankful for each new friendship I've made through blogging. :)

How are you feeling today, my friends?

Joining Carole for 10 on Tuesday. :)


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  1. I am really thankful too!! DV I am off later this afternoon to NYC! :) Dentist appt sadly but also a trip to a bookstore and maybe my fave NYC LYS!! :)

  2. I am thankful too these days! Especially for my blogging friends:-)

    That darn deer! So far we have been lucky - they have not done any damage to our gardens. Your teabags are just adorable!

  3. Loved the list and I do enjoy the friends I've found through blogging as well!

  4. Your list was a blessing -- thank you!

  5. What a great list Lisa. I am thankful for having 'met' you and look forward to the day when it's in person.

  6. Loved your list!! Lots of thanksgiving here today...happy for the tiny shoots peeking out in my flowerbeds... daffodils and tulips will be here before I know it!

  7. Oh! Sorry to hear about your primroses - it looks like bird damage to me, possibly?
    Number two on your list is very poignant for us right now as my boy is back home again and loving it. The freedom to do what's right for our children is something I'm very thankful for.

    1. Hi Hannah -- it was deer who ate my flowers. I've never had that with primroses before. I only bought a few to cheer up my front porch and had only planted them two days before. Ugh! Thankfully, they left a few buds, so I think they'll re-blossom!


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