Saturday, February 8, 2014

I was hoping for snow...
{weekend update -- 2014 #3}

I have been grumbling for some time about the lack of snow and was oh-so-excited when the forecast called for snow this weekend.

It was snowing when we woke up Thursday morning, but it wasn't supposed to really accumulate until the early afternoon, so AnnaLynn and I bundled up (it was only 15F out) and drove into town for her piano & violin lessons during which I set out to run my weekly errands. The snow in Battle Ground was piling up -- there were several fender benders -- so I figured we'd fill up the gas tank, head for home, and just stay put.

About 15 minutes from home, I got a call informing me that our power had just gone out which meant that a branch had likely fallen on a power line somewhere along our road. Sigh. Thankfully, we have an old phone that works even when the power is out. We also have two Aladdin lamps, a generator, stored water, and a wood stove, so I wasn't concerned.

Just over a mile from home we rounded a corner and discovered the reason for our power outage...

This photo was taken by our resident son who drove down the road wondering why we weren't home yet...

We were on the other side and had to back down the hill, around a corner, and into a driveway to turn around. Was I nervous? You better believe it. Praying the entire time, and worried a car would come up behind me blind to what was coming down the hill backwards (and believe, me, I was in the middle of the road trying not to go off into the ditch), and trying not to worry Anna, we made it. Praise God. I tried calling Dan but remembered he was at a funeral for a former co-worker, so we drove into Yacolt hoping the local cafe would be open (by this time it was just after noon, and we were hungry).

Thankfully, the cafe was open, so we ordered and made ourselves comfortable. When Dan finally called at almost 1 p.m. we decided that I should stay put and that he'd meet us. Customer after customer came in talking of how our road was blocked, so we got to meet and visit with some neighbors who we'd not previously had occasion to, and when Dan arrived, he shared that both the utility truck and the tow truck were on their way up (it was now after 3 p.m.). By this time, I had become good friends with both the cook and waitress of the cafe (a mother/daughter team), and our conversations continued until about 5 p.m. when we finally got word that the road was clear.

When we arrived home, it was just beginning to get dark, so out came the Aladdin lamps. I cannot recommend these lamps more highly -- each puts out the brightness of a 60 watt bulb. And since they burn paraffin wax, there is no kerosene odor. [For those of you who've asked, here's a link to the lamps we own: Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps.] We also put water on the wood stove to heat as well as leftover chili from the previous night's dinner. So thankful. While in town the snow was falling wet and accumulating at a rapid pace, we had dry powder that blew with the high winds we had here in the foothills. My sister who lives 45 minutes away got over 8" of snow while we had just a few.

We hunkered down in the family room and chatted, read, and knit. By 9:30 we decided it was time for bed, so we stuffed the wood stove and turned it in. I couldn't sleep, so I read by lantern light until the lights came back on around 10:15. All together the power was out for over 10 hours. I know that isn't really that long in comparison to what some in the mid-west and east have been dealing with, and to be honest, I actually enjoyed having the power out. And as I mentioned, we're fairly prepped for an extended outage, but I wouldn't wish an extended power outage on ourselves or anyone. Especially when it's so cold out.

When we got up the next morning...

We'd left the cabinets open under the sink to prevent freezing pipes. The dishes piled up due to a lack of hot water to wash them with...and once that was all cleaned up and fresh coffee was made...

It was time to knit.

One of the consequences of the snow and freezing temps was that the window on the driver's side of our vehicle froze and wouldn't stay up. We drove back into Yacolt to have our mechanic take a look, and thankfully, he was able to repair it. Brrrr.

So there you have our snow story. We had more powdery stuff fall today, and the kids had a great time out snow boarding! They're predicting freezing rain tonight as the temperatures climb above freezing...we'll see. Hope you're all staying warm and safe!


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  1. I'm so glad you got your snow Lisa, but not being able to get and then no power isn't nice.
    Thank you for the recommendation of the lamps, I will be adding them to my list when I prepare my
    hurricane list.
    I love seeing your knitted socks on such a beautiful model!
    Stay warm and safe.

  2. Charlotte Moore2/09/2014

    I have never heard of a wax burning lamp. I went online but could not find them. Could you tell me where to find them? Thanks!!!

    1. Charlotte, I should have said that our lamps burn liquid paraffin (wax). Ours are Aladdin products which you can find online with a quick google search. We love ours!

  3. Thank you for sharing your snow day with us, I really enjoyed it, since we've had almost no snow this winter and I'm craving a snowed-in day. :)

    1. No snow? We've had hints of it all winter now and again, but this is our first true winter storm. Wishing you at least one snow day before spring! :)

  4. Lisa, what beautiful pictures! Everything looks cozier with the lamps lit. I am glad that you were able to make it home safe and sound. Love the knitting!

  5. well you had snow but I'm sorry it came at a price. I was driving in terrible conditions yesterday and a car backed out of a road because it just couldn't make it up hill. Luck for me I was no where near when they backed up AND I could get up that hill! Glad all is right in your world now :)

  6. how beautiful! I love snow! those lamps are wonderful! I am making some cute baby slippers... :) Knitting is such a joy! Thanking God for His protection of you and your family!

  7. Beautiful! Good thinking, keeping cabinet doors open for the pipes to stay warm :-) Does the liquid paraffin have an odor when it burns?

    1. Hi Lori! You are up late, girl!

      No, the liquid paraffin has no odor when it burns which is the beauty of it! We bought our lamps way back for y2k (silly, I know, but still...). Anyway, we purchased several gallons of the liquid paraffin to go with them and still haven't run out. Love these lamps and count them as one of the best purchases we ever made! :)

      Nice to hear from you, dear Lori! Hope you are keeping warm, my friend.

      xo, Lisa :)


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