Wednesday, February 19, 2014

tending my yarn garden :)

Reading continues to be Psalms and Proverbs in the morning; a Psalm or two during the quiet hours before Dan makes his way downstairs, and after breakfast the kids and I take turns reading a Proverb -- yesterday was the 18th, so we read Proverb 18. Verse 10 was underlined years ago; often I write a note to myself in the margin reflecting upon the passage. Wondering what was on my mind when I drew those red lines as I left no commentary...

I have abandoned Daniel to make his way through the Bahnsen on his own and am instead reading all I can about natural sprays/treatments for fruit trees. I am determined to pick some fruit from our trees this year. :)  Bedtime reading is still Little House, although I tend to nod off easily these days, it's slow going even though I adore Laura's stories.

On the needles is my adopted blanket which is coming along quite nicely. Having discovered that the four row repeat only requires special attention on row 1 (rows 2-4 are all knit or purled as the stitches present), I threw caution to the wind and rid myself of those pesky row markers! :)  If I had nothing to do but knit, I'd have it done in a day or two, but I'm aiming for the weekend.

Baby boy socks were gifted on Sunday morning and the extras were set aside for future baby showers. The gals in our congregation keep the babies coming which keeps my needles busy; just the way I like it. Newly cast on (yes, a new project...couldn't help myself) was a pair of red booties which were requested by Charlotte's mama. Couldn't say no. Would you? I didn't think so. :)

What are you reading/knitting/crocheting? Please share in the comments and join me at Ginny's. :)


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  1. I love that verse, and every reference to the Lord as a refuge and tower of defense.
    baby knitting is so lovely isnt it? Quick and fun!

  2. The Bible I read every day is over 30 years old and there are passages that I have underlined, but have no idea why. I guess at the time they were what I need, but a few years ago I started to date them too, it helps.
    I hope you get to pick fruit from your fruit trees. Have you tried garlic water with dish soap? It works here.

  3. I read the Bible everyday. I have Proverbs and Psalms tagged to go back and study some more myself, but after I finish reading the entire Bible first. I'm a born again Christian, and while I've always believed there was a God, I never lived my life accordingly, and rarely if ever opened the Bible until last April.

  4. you can never ever ever say no to a requested knitted item for little ones! Quick and easy. Now an adult sweater...that i could say no unless it's an immediate family member :)

  5. Anonymous2/19/2014

    That blanket is lovely! The yarn is beautiful & I adore the pattern. I'm adding it to my to-knit list in case I'm ever feeling ambitious enough to knit a blanket! xo

  6. Lovely blanket! I am in a baby knitting phase right now. It feels great to start and finish a project in a short period of time, and I love to give them as gifts to new mothers.

  7. blanket is looks GREAT!!!!!!!

  8. The blanket pattern looks difficult, but I love ones that are easily remembered!

  9. Beautiful blanket. I always like it when a pattern turns out fairly easy to remember.

  10. Anonymous2/19/2014

    Love "The gals in our congregation keep the babies coming"! Maybe they all just want your sweet socks! :-)

  11. Lovely blanket and what a wonderful way to start off your day with some time with the Lord. I have been trying to figure out a way to get back into a morning routine like yours since I have fallen out of it due to the needs of the little ones and a new baby on the way. But I think a little quiet reflection makes the day go much smoother!

  12. Such a pretty blanket. I like patterns like that - only needing attention every few rows! What a wonderful way to start you day :-)

  13. Ha! You were talking about Proverbs then mentioned abandoning Daniel. I thought you meant the Daniel of the Bible!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Well, I guess it could be taken that way, huh? :) Oh my! It's funny 'cause my Daniel is currently reading through the book of Daniel -- no abandoning the Word of God here. :)


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