Wednesday, March 5, 2014

tending my yarn garden...

Where did the week go? Oh my. Lot's to share, but not all of it today. Today is Yarn Along day, and I'm excited to share what I've been up to...

Dan and I escaped to the Oregon coast for the weekend. Friday's drive was sunny and warm, and I finished up my part of that purple baby blanket. :)  Saturday wasn't quite as nice, so we skipped the beach and made the short drive south to Cannon Beach where I picked up a gorgeous skein of mohair at Coastal Yarns. Just couldn't resist the colors. A burger was shared here, and then we attended a matinee showing of this movie in Seaside (lots of potential but too many rabbit trails; we never did understand the "Vivi" character and, frankly, the few brief risque scenes adding nothing to this film (do they ever?) and should have been cut). I should also mention that there was an old fashioned "fade to black" scene which we appreciated. Costner's character seeks to redeem the years he's missed with his wife and daughter; we were pleasantly surprised by the redemptive thread that weaves through this movie. If you see this film, just beware the "Vivi" scenes, and don't say I didn't warn you.

After putting the purple blanket aside for Christina, I worked on a pair of red boots for Charlotte while traveling here and there and home. All that's left is to knit the soles which I'm working out the pattern for...I almost have it. :)

Charlotte is always going for my yarn basket and enjoyed getting her hands on the pink cotton/linen blend I'm using to design a shrug for her to wear with her Easter dress. Cannot wait to teach her to knit and crochet just like my Baba taught me years ago.

Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food and Faith was recommended by someone here in the Yarn Along a week or two ago; the prologue got me, and while only in chapter one, I'm looking forward to this read. It is garden season, you know.
The garden is our oldest metaphor. In Genesis God creates the first Adam from the adamah, and tells him to "till and keep" it, the fertile soil on which all of life depends. Human from humus. That's our first etymological clue as the the inextricable bond we share with the soil. Our ecological problems are a result of having forgotten who we are -- soil people, inspired by the breath of God. "Earth's hallowed mould," as Milton referred to Adam in Paradise Lost. Or in Saint Augustine's phrase, terra animata -- animated earth.

The command to care for soil is our first divinely appointed vocation, yet in our zeal to produce cheap, abundant food we have shunned it; we have tilled the adamah but we have not kept it. ~F. Bahnson

What are you reading/knitting/crocheting? Please share in the comments and join me at Ginny's. :)


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  1. what a lovely skein of yarn to adopt. How brave of you to flaunt that temperature my dear ;) We are still cold but knowing it's March there is an end in sight for spring to appear.

  2. I loved Cannon beach! Nice work and lovely colours!! :)

  3. How fun to have a getaway. Oh, and the yarn, such pretty, pretty yarn. Charlotte is such a cutie and that is an adorable little shrug you are knitting for her. I am looking forward to teaching Emerson to knit, in fact I already bought the little kid needles and some yarn.

  4. Totally envious of every one of those pictures! Glad you got to get away for a few days. Those yarns looks lovely, as does that beach picture!

  5. Look at all that beautiful yarn! I need to get to my LYS, but funds are limited *sigh*

  6. what glorious springy knits going on in your part of the world!!!!

  7. Anonymous3/06/2014

    How beautiful! Your projects and your granddaughter, both!


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