Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 on Tuesday...

This week's 10 on Tuesday assignment is an easy one: Share 10 things you did over Memorial Day weekend. Here goes...
  1. Helped Jeff & Christina (and Charlotte) move... (thanks for the support and encouragement, ladies!)
  2. Celebrated a new family joining our church yesterday :)
  3. Finished knitting this (!!)
  4. Finished reading Little Town on the Prairie
  5. Started reading These Happy Golden Years
  6. Baked two loaves of sourdough using a new recipe (thanks, Tracey!)
  7. Made homemade peanut butter
  8. Started painting our recently-vacated upstairs bathroom & pondered new color for what will again be our guest room / craft studio (I'm taking before and after pics and will share when the work is done)
  9. Ate pepperoni pizza with the family here
  10. Watched this on Monday evening in honor of Memorial Day
Dan woke up feeling rather under-the-weather on Sunday morning, so he missed church and then still wasn't feeling too hot on Monday which meant that our plans to spend Memorial Day with friends turned into plans to be home. I baked, knit, read, and painted while my man slept on the sofa. The kids were disappointed, but we redeemed the day by sipping homemade milkshakes, eating buttery popcorn, and watching a good movie. Has anyone read the book?


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  1. Anonymous5/27/2014

    I pray Dan begins to feel better soon. How exciting that you are redoing the room. Take your time through the process, I know when I was painting my first floor, I did not want to rush :) Enjoy your week my friend. mari

  2. We just finished reading the Little House series a few months back and now I am getting requests to read them again but with each season... Such as the Long Winter in winter (because we ended up reading it in the summer). Those books are precious! Milkshakes and popcorn would do the redeeming the day trick for anyone :)

  3. hope he feels better! My weekend was slow and quiet. I plotted out new knitting projects and made lots of lists of what needs to be done around here!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend (except for the sick husband part -- I hope he's feeling much better today)! Yes, I've read Monuments Men -- great book! Beautiful baby blanket. I'll watch for your announcement about the pattern, as this would be a wonderful gift. I could make a few and have them on hand. :)

  5. I hope Dan is on the mend. It's no fun being sick on the weekend. This I know from experience (sniffle sniffle). I can't wait to see what you end up doing with your newly acquired space. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  6. hope hubby is feeling better......
    i got about 1/2 way through Monuments Men.....to me, it became very very very repetitive. i just didn't think that it was written all that well. I enjoyed the first part (before it got told over and over and over again at different locales).....and I love the story that should have been told decades ago. I might have to pick it back up again....I must admit, it sort of lost me after they left Normandy (which I was going to visit) I hate to abandon a book.

  7. Hope your husband is feeling better. :-) and I hope the stay at home time was relaxing and enjoyable!

  8. I haven't read The Monuments Men, but DH and I did see it at the theater and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. The Little House series is (are?) my all time favorites. Despite my age, I reread them every few years. This is my first visit to your blog, and I don't usually comment until reading for a while, but the Little House connection is too strong.


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