Sunday, May 11, 2014

an early Sunday morning post
(happy mother's day!)

It's been a crazy couple of days...the kids both were sick with some sort of nasty virus that gave them headaches and fevers and yes, I had a touch of it, too. Sad to say that even Charlotte came down with it and has been feeling rather poorly and running a high temperature. So hard for this grandmamma to hear her little moans, yet what a blessing to watch her sleepy mama and daddy (remember, they live with us) care for her.
Last night we celebrated mother's day with enchiladas and good wine and smiles and cards and gifts; Charlotte joined us at the table and was happy and almost her usual smiling, silly self. We talked about motherhood in the trenches and how they had such wonderful plans for Christina's first mother's day. I'm hoping they had a good night and that the baby's feeling better this morning.

Speaking of mother's day, one of the speakers who shared at the homeschooling conference we recently attended posted a video of one of her talks which just happens to be titled, "When Motherhood Feels Too Hard." The video makes it look like Kelly's talk is over 2 hours long, but it's actually less than an hour and well worth your time if you need a booster shot. Go ahead, grab your knitting needles or crochet hook, pour yourself a cup of tea, and be encouraged. :)
I love that an abundance of iris is blooming right outside my front door and that my apple trees are filled with blossoms. So symbolic of my life right now...filled with blessings and beauty and overflowing with goodness and mercy.


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  1. my son ran a fever for more three days and that included his graduation ceremony! Must be going around nationally! Tylenol made him function and I hope I do not get it. Happy mother's day!!!!

  2. Hope all the sickness is gone Lisa and all are well now. I have the hardest time when wee ones are ill, breaks my heart.
    I hope you had the best day. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Your iris is beautiful! I hope everyone is feeling better now. There does seem to be some sort of virus that is going around. Happy Mothers Day to you Lisa!


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