Thursday, May 22, 2014

heading out...

Ready for our second to the last of our crazy busy Thursdays of the school year. My grocery list is ready, my current knit is packed neatly into my new bag, and I'm just about ready to be heading out for the day. J & Ch are both sick with nasty colds...just in time for moving. Please keep them in prayer. Lord willing, a new normal will begin next week for all of us as we adjust to life without them here, and for them, life in their new apartment. :)



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  1. Great looking project bag!

  2. oh! is that one of Wanda's bags??? (reinventing mother?)... looks great! I have one of hers and just love it! May God bless you all during this move and transition! much love! God's peace! (and thanks for your comments recently!) :)))

  3. Thinking of you Lisa and hope for normal soon! :)

  4. Oh normal will feel abnormal for a while, then one day it will be normal! I hope they are well enough to travel without colds!

  5. I bet it will be so strange without them being there. After a while it will all seem normal again. Hope you all have a happy and healthy (boo to the colds) weekend!


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