Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 on Tuesday...

This week's 10 on Tuesday assignment is another easy one: Share 10 bands or individuals you have seen in concert. At the risk of revealing too much about how I mostly (mis)spent my youth, here are a few concerts I attended over the years...
  1. Steve Miller Band -- Fly Like an Eagle tour in Seattle; I was in middle school -- don't tell my dad :)
  2. Van Halen -- I was in 10th grade and thought I was pretty cool 'cause I got to go see them. Eddie Money was the opening act -- Two Tickets to Paradise tour  :)
  3. Iron Maiden (I'm embarrassed to say, but at 18 I was a metal head)
  4. Tower of Power at the Oregon Zoo -- so much fun!
  5. Twila Paris! I love Twila Paris; she was on tour with Wayne Watson
  6. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (who opened for Pat Travers)
  7. Stryper (the yellow and black attack -- yes, they threw Bibles into the crowd)
  8. Bonnie Raitt who opened for Stevie Ray Vaughn
  9. Peppino D'Augustino who opened for Eric Johnson (love the song Forty Mile Town)
  10. Journey -- one of the funnest (or is it "most fun") concerts I ever attended. Those Bic lighters were out for sure when Steve Perry sang "Lights" and everyone in the Memorial Coliseum sang along. :) 
Years ago when our grown kids were little, we had a zoo membership and used to go to as many of the free summer concerts as our schedule would allow. My husband is a real music lover and has taught our kids to appreciate a variety of music in a way I never could have. Once in a while I turn on an oldies station and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Yes, music from the 80s is considered "the oldies" -- makes me feel oldish. Sigh.  If you have a few minutes, give Blue Ocean a listen; Peppino makes everyone in the audience close their eyes when he plays this one. :)

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  1. My hubby is a big Tower of Power fan. I love seeing how our musical tastes have changed and grown over the years! Journey must have been a great concert! Sad to say I never saw them.

  2. I also saw Steve Miller, Van Halen, Bonnie Raitt, and Stevie Ray Vaughn! Thanks for reminding me of that! Stevie Ray had on red leather pants. How could I forget that!? Great list. Live music is a blast!

  3. Oh, what great concerts!!

  4. I love Journey, great band.
    I have only been to one concert in my life and that was Jimmy Buffet.


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