Wednesday, June 18, 2014

tending my yarn garden...

I stayed up 'til 11 Monday night to finish my stripey shawl and decided immediately to rip it out. So frustrating to cross the finish line only to face the reality that it was simply too short. Sigh. Frogging commenced Tuesday morning during the kids' piano lessons; I'm laying this skein aside until next week when I'll pick it back up again. The rest of this week's crafting time needs to be spent finishing a little something for Charlotte who is turning one on Sunday! Can hardly believe a year has gone by since her birth! :) 

Farmer Boy continues to be my bedtime read. I would love to be able to go back in time to spend a week with the Wilders and help Almonzo's mom make maple sugar and syrup. :)

Dan has been reading to us from Father Brown as well as from Romans 8...

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
~The Apostle Paul, Romans 8:1

I picked up food in jars from the Yacolt library after Sarah shared about it a while back. Each recipe is written for small batches of canned jams, pickles, syrups, etc. -- yes, I'm inspired! We always can lots of jam, pears, and applesauce, we always make a batch of dilly beans and pickles, and last year we even canned our own tomato sauce. But, this year I'm eager to try something new, and these smaller recipes will be perfect for that!

What's on your needles? What have you been reading?
Joining Ginny & Nicole. :)


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  1. Oh I hate frogging!!!! I'm so sorry. Happy birthday to the wee one!!

  2. Oh no! Good luck for next time! And have a lovely first birthday - that is a very special day!

  3. I also have had those late night knitting hours too! The worst part is unraveling all the yarn! :) Happy early birthday to Charlotte!

  4. Oh sorry you had to frog it! :(
    Happy first birthday to Charlotte!

  5. oh sorry you had to frog it.....the farmer boy is really a wonderful book....i wish me sometimes this time back.happy first birthday to charlotte!!
    wish you a wonderful week,
    blessings regina

  6. Isn't that book fabulous? I love the conctof small batch canning- totally fits my life right now.
    And so sorry to hear about your frogging... boo!! Hate when that happens!

  7. Oh! What a disappointment! I hate undoing my knitting.

    I love to can and preserve - I hope you have fun with that book.

  8. Such a shame to have to rip out your work, but at least you can reuse. I love the Little House books and have read them over and over.

    Thank you for visiting Granny's World

  9. oh what a bummer!!! well, I guess that is how it is sometimes but oh, no fun! yay for the book! and isn't Romans chapter 8 wonderful?! if you get the Dakota book do let us know what you think! that sounds like a great book! I hope to make applesauce this year!!! :))))

  10. Happy Birthday to Charlotte. So sorry about the need to frog. It seems to be going around. I bookmarked the canning book. I would love to can in small batches.

  11. Sorry you had to frog... geesh... doesn't it always seem to happen that way? I loved that book when I checked it out, I'm just not at a canning stage in my life right now. Maybe someday! And oh! Dilly beans! It would be worth it for dilly beans... LOL!

  12. oh, drat. i'm sorry about the frog pond trip......but: you just found a whole bunch more knitting!!! That's good! (I had to look rather hard for that silver lining!)

  13. Anonymous6/18/2014

    I did some frogging today too, glad I'm in,good company!

  14. I am busily working on my current project knowing that the inevitable NEXT project will be a frogging and a redo. It is lovely yarn you have there. It is a shame to waste it on a project you're not happy with!

  15. Anonymous6/19/2014

    Aww, man! That truly sucks. Well, I hope that yarn grows up to be something really special.

  16. Anonymous6/24/2014

    This is one of my favorite verses...what a promise! I love you my friend! jh


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