Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 on Tuesday...

It's been a while since I joined in with Carole for Ten on Tuesday. This week's topic was a no-brainer -- "10 patterns you could knit again . . . and again and again!"

Here goes...
  1. Hitchhiker
  2. Tea Leaves
  3. Charlotte's Sunday Shrug
  4. Copycat Dishcloths
  5. 777 Beanie
  6. Shale Baby Blanket
  7. Little House Shawl
  8. Silky Wrap
  9. Chevron Baby Blanket
  10. Perfect-fit Newborn Socks
I'm really eager to see what patterns the other 10 on Tuesday gals list! Thanks, Carole, for hosting!

PS: My friend, Sarah, has a giveaway going this week -- check it out here. :)


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  1. Thank you Lisa, new patterns to check out.
    I would knit the Recipe for a Textured Shawl again and again, I love it.
    Oh, and Leaves of Grass is a great pattern too.

  2. lovely list- I remember most of your knits :)

  3. Beautiful Chevron!!! Your list is similar to mine. I could knit feather and fan all day!

  4. I love the Little House Shawl! I will have to add it to the list - which is growing by leaps and bounds today!

  5. Love these patterns! I am hoping to do a Little House Shawl by the end of the year!

  6. Anonymous7/30/2014

    I've been wanting to try a chevron blanket, that one looks very nice!


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