Friday, July 25, 2014

on fog in the morning & other random thoughts...

That most unwelcome of  visitors, Miss Insomnia has come calling somewhere between 2 and 3 a.m. most nights this week. I wish she'd get the hint that I just don't appreciate her visits. I've been so bold as to tell her not to stop by, but night after night, there she is. So rude! To redeem the time, I've been knitting. Lots. And praying. And reading. Three beanies and a long scarf flew off my needles and I even cast on a secret project for my blog swap partner. Due to Internet connection woes, I wasn't able to join in Ginny's yarn along earlier this week, so I'm just sharing here. (I'm not even sure if this post is going to make it -- someone from CenturyLink is supposed to be by later this afternoon...)

In need of something a little lighter than my most recent reading, I pulled our copy of Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian off the shelf. A collection of essays on the good life that reminds me why we made the choice to buy land and live so far from town. Herrick blogs here if you want to take a peek.

Warmer weather with lots of sunshine is rumored to be heading our way this weekend. After a week of fall-like weather here in the foothills, I'm looking forward to it. Foggy mornings are beautiful, though, even when the fog doesn't lift until late morning, but too many days of them can be dreary. Not that the break from the summer heat hasn't been nice, but I think I'm in need a good dose of sun. :)

Happy weekending,


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  1. The post made it Lisa! I'm so sorry to hear you aren't sleeping, I understand. Once I started going through menopause and now afterwards I don't sleep much, if it's four hours it's a good night.
    I try to look at the positive, at least I get a lot of things accomplished.
    Enjoy a beautiful weekend.

    1. Oh that menopause! She is not my friend. I have been wearing patches for many years but the other effects are haunting!

  2. She has been visiting at my house as well but between 3:30 and 4. She must leave your house and come straight to mine! Love the knitting! Those foggy mornings look delightful, but that is coming from someone who lives where it is 90 by 10 am!!! Keep the faith my friend!

  3. I missed reading about your yarn along adventures! Glad your back! I love the color of your yarn, it looks nice and warm! Happy knitting! :)

  4. praying that your insomnia goes away forever. I was lucky to not suffer-but I do waking frequently since arriving at a mature age, luckily I fall back to sleep within 15 minutes. Hoping you find the cure :)

  5. Miss Insomnia is not a very nice visitor! ;o) She likes to visit here too! :o( I LOVE fog! Where we live now, which is just a short distance from the Bay of Delaware, we can hear the big ships blowing their fog horns on foggy days. I love it!! ;o)
    I hope you have a week of sunshine!! ;o)

  6. So sorry to hear about your insomnia. That is so frustrating. I'm glad you are at least getting some knitting done during her visits though!


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