Tuesday, August 5, 2014

in the waiting room...

"10 things to do in a waiting room" is this week's 10 on Tuesday assignment. While some might view waiting rooms as wastelands of boredom, I like to take advantage of "wait time" for productivity...
  1. menu plan/review my shopping list.
  2. read a chapter in my current book.
  3. read a magazine (like Prevention, Mother Earth News, Table Talk, Every Thought Captive, Cook's, or Mollie Makes)
  4. sudoku.
  5. crochet or knit a washcloth  (sometimes the wait is so long an entire washcloth can be completed!)
  6. people watch...and pray! Sometimes you can see the pain in their eyes and they never even know they're being covered in prayer.
  7. clean out my purse/wallet.
  8. review my calendar/agenda and make to-do lists.
  9. delete text messages...out of shear boredom, because sometimes I run out of productive things to do.
  10. but the most fun thing I've ever done in a waiting room is knit with Charlotte :)
The kids had dental appointments just a couple weeks ago, so this is fresh in my memory. I know that many moms appreciate it, but it bugs me that they show cartoons in the waiting room to keep kids occupied. They even show videos on a screen attached to the foot end of the dentist chair -- without audio! The ability to occupy one's mind/one's self without staring at a screen seems to be a dying art. Not that screen time is all bad; I am staring at one as I type...but still. :)  Thoughts?  How do you pass the time while waiting for appointments?

Joining Carole.


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  1. Anonymous8/05/2014

    It is true that sometimes, waiting is truly hard...but like you, I don't leave home without my needles :) Oh my goodness, she looks so intense. You will make a knitter out of her yet! :D

  2. I rarely travel without my Kindle. I read!

  3. In the waiting room, I like reading a magazine or book. Knitting seems like a good idea too! :)

  4. Charlotte Moore8/05/2014

    Precious picture. One day she can look back on this and think how young I was to be holding those needles. So sweet. I usually check email so I don't have as much when I get home. Sometimes will read if you can find a decent book in the office.


  5. Sweet picture! I hate when waiting rooms have a tv on...I try to remember ear buds so I can play some music and drown out all the bad news they show...

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  7. I can't Sudoku - I crossword

  8. I have done all of the above, as well as write letters while waiting for an appointment.

  9. My list consists of knit, knit and knit some more!
    While I'm not against screen time, I do have a little internal cringe at the way screens are thrust into children's hands like pacifiers.
    Love your photo, Lisa :)

  10. I agree - there is way too much screen time in most of our lives. A lot of mine is necessary for work, but I try to limit it after the office. It kills my eyes! Very good list! I usually do lots of knitting while I am waiting.

  11. Read or play stupid games on my phone, but its a nice moment to just gave a minute.
    Im not against cartoons but it does seem a little over the top. Don't you think?

  12. i'm usually pretty happy with just my knitting, but I've been known to clean my purse out, too! (about the only time it gets done!!!!)


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