Wednesday, September 10, 2014

a brown baby cardi {tending my yarn garden}

A simple, old-fashioned brown baby cardi that is just about finished...just a couple more rows and some ribbing and then all I need is seven buttons! I love KPs Cotlin! So soft!!

Adam and His Kin: The Lost History of Their Lives and Times by Dr. Ruth Beechick tells the biblical story of man beginning with Adam in a way that blends the scriptural account with science and archeology. Some might have difficulty with the liberties Dr. Beechick has taken, but I love reading how she imagines things might actually have been. :)

Have you started lessons yet? We're still up to our eyeballs in canning/preserving and harvesting the garden as well as finishing outdoor projects, so for us, the official answer is "no." BUT, I have created a rather ambitious stack of good books and cannot wait to dive in. Some we'll be reading aloud as a family, some we'll read aloud just me and the kids, and some will be read independently. We are firm believers in living a life-style of learning with lessons to be gleaned throughout our days whether school is officially in session or not, so no worries that our "school year" hasn't yet started. And not that this has anything to do with yarn along or books, but I just did the math and realized that this will be our family's 23rd year of homeschooling! Amazing! I'll share more about what we'll be doing this year, Lord willing, in an upcoming post.

What's on your needles? What have you been reading?
Joining Ginny :)


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  1. gorgeous colorway and what a lucky baby!

  2. love the look of the sweater, simple yet beautiful!

  3. I agree - simple and beautiful and a great color for autumn too.

  4. Gorgeous cardi- the yarn has such a pretty and rich color- great for fall.
    Happy Knitting ;)

  5. oh how nice! :))) that cardi is a lovely colour!

  6. I love KnitPicks Cotlin yarn as well. It's so much softer than other cotton yarns I've knit with; I highly recommend it now.

  7. Delightful, simple but beautiful.

  8. The baby cardi is adorable. I have never tried the Cotlin. It looks so soft!

    1. you are in my prayers, dear Donna! Thanks for visiting. :)

  9. what a sweet sweet little cardi!

  10. Beautiful yarn and color. I loved, loved Adam and His Kin. I would read it out loud for school every couple of years. I think it is because I just love Ruth Beechick!
    In fact now that my school room isn't a school room anymore, my books cases are still there and I still have Ruth's book on it. Thank you so much for stopping by today.

  11. Anonymous9/10/2014

    Oh Lisa...that is just adorable :-) She is just going to look so cute when she wears it... How are you my friend? m.

  12. Adorable sweater! I would be interested in that book and will have too look for it eventually! And 23 years of homeschooling! Amazing, that is so many years of hard work on your part.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Lisa, I am in love with that shade of brown. It's so rich and perfect for fall.

  15. Beautiful! We started homeschooling for this year this week... it's been busy! Love the cardi!


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