Monday, September 22, 2014

In which we visit a rock quarry...


Saturday morning...

A beautiful half-hour drive north, a hot, windy, sunshiny day, a borrowed landscaping truck (thanks, Josh!), and the four of us working together...a perfect day.

I've never been to a rock quarry before and all I could think was "where's Fred Flintstone and Mr. Rubble?" Silly, I know. :)  The friendly quarryman showed us this massive pile of rocks from which to pick from.

We loaded just shy of two tons of rock with our own bare gloved hands, then we drove home, unloaded, and built this...

I know my arms and shoulders will be sore tomorrow (writing on Saturday night...). My hands are swollen from the heat and the lifting. But paying only a penny per pound to load and haul ourselves? That's only $20 per ton which was a price we could afford! We still need to order a couple yards of soil to fill the bed; existing plants will need to be dug up and replanted, but that will have to wait for another Saturday. Fall starts today which means rain is coming. In fact, it's supposed to rain beginning tomorrow for the rest of the week. Dan will plant grass seed this evening, and, Lord willing, we'll have a front lawn once again. Thankful for progress!

Sorry for this, but I couldn't resist...

Yabba Dabba Do!  :)


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  1. wow, what a lot of work! looks great! :)

  2. Anonymous9/22/2014

    It looks beautiful.. Today...just enjoy the effort of what you all did together. Sit quietly with a nice cup of tea and don't forget the Ibuprofen :0)

  3. Wonderful, I love your rock wall.

  4. I'll bet Dan is very tired! :-)

  5. How cute! I love that you thought of Fred Flintstone! :)

  6. I have used so much rock in my yard. When the girls were small and I couldn't afford to buy it I would look for construction sites that had piles they had dug up. That is how my beds were trimmed! It is a family joke about my rocks:)

  7. Lovely! With my back out at present, I can't even fathom lifting all that rock! But what a great resource, and I love the price! $20...fabulous! What happened to all the grass on the other side of the bed? Looks like you've bitten off some more work?

  8. Anonymous9/25/2014

    Hi Lisa, I love your blog! I actually live down the road from you on Dole Valley and share you sentiments of our wonderful location. Thanks for posting info about the quarry! I've been looking into doing a rock garden project myself and this will save us a ton of money. Best Wishes - Heather Pritchett


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