Monday, September 22, 2014

just because she is...

Daniel and AnnaLynn kinda love her. :)

Yep, that granddaughter of mine is walking! This morning I enjoyed a nice visit with my favorite one year old...we read stories. There's nothing like it when little ones bring you book after book after book! My heart simply overflows with love for my little sweetie. :)

See you Wednesday,


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  1. Anonymous9/22/2014

    She is super adorable . Now the fun begins ;-)

  2. Milestones, they come quicker after the walking begins! I love how proud little one's look when they realize they have mastered something new, she is so cute!

  3. walking?? my time does fly by fast!! She is so sweet :)

  4. I soooo know that feeling:). And those books times are the best!

  5. Anonymous9/23/2014

    She's adorable! They grow up so fast!

  6. Charlotte Moore9/23/2014

    Precious indeed!!! We have a great granddaughter after having boys and 3 grandsons. Boy is she ever the light of our life.

  7. You are so right Lisa, there is nothing like it!
    Just look how much she has grown these past few months, it goes by so fast.
    I love the expression she is giving the camera, it's priceless.


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