Monday, January 12, 2015

Mindful Monday #2

Once again I'm joining Kathleen for {Mindful Mondays} -- a good starting place for the week and a nifty way to document what I am...

Reading: At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon -- still. I'm keeping pace on my two-year read through the Bible and am in Psalms, Job, and I Thessalonians.

Listening to: Itzhak Perlman -- we have tickets to his performance with the Oregon Symphony tonight!

Studying: essential oils using this book -- we have used EOs for years but want to learn how to make even better use of them and work toward replacing the drug store -- any recommendations?

Creating: Charlotte's beanie is finished and I am happy to report that a total of four new orange knitted washcloths are tucked away in my kitchen drawer. Secret projects have been cast on and will be shared as they're completed & gifted. :)

Cooking: a savory chicken soup with lentils and rice hit the spot on Sunday after church; dessert was chocolate pudding cake with whipped cream...a Seifert family favorite. :)

Educating: both my students enjoy reading, so we are learning to enjoy genres other than our personal favorites.

Feeling: happy that some serious cleaning and reorganization was accomplished around the house over the weekend.

Thinking: about my pantry which still needs some attention and also about what's up with Blogger. Anyone else having trouble uploading photos? With post formatting? Argh!

Remembering: the tragic events that occurred last week in France and God's promises to us:

Do not be afraid of sudden terror,
Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;
For the Lord will be your confidence...
Proverbs 3:25-26(a)

Praying for: peace, wisdom, strength, courage, and God's mercy.

What are you mindful of today?


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  1. I'm reading "I Stand and the Door and Knock" by Corrie ten Boom. What a gift she has for ministering even after her death. I'm listening to one of my neighbors who has some "dance" music turned up too loud. I'm studying, how to build nesting boxes for my turkeys. Feb is the month they can start laying. Cooking: salad so far today. Educating, I've signed up with a cousin of mine in a 21 Days to Healthier Habits she is coaching. We can all use a reminder once and awhile of how far we've gotten off track in the eating department. I'm feeling a bit tired and sore. I took a nose dive yesterday running away from a black lab in our neighborhood. I'm now sporting some really bad road rash. I'm trying to remember to give God all my troubles and to stop worrying about things only he can change.

    I think that gets me caught up! Have a great week! God's Blessings to you and yours.

  2. this sounds very lovely: a savory chicken soup with lentils and rice

  3. Lori in Texas1/12/2015

    Hi Lisa... glad you are posting again! Want to ask a question but don't want it on comment post -- hope you preview first... do you have personal email I can write to?

    1. Hi Lori, you can email me at: :)

  4. Lovely! What a treat to see Mr. Perlman! Enjoy the wonderful evening and thanks again for joining up!

  5. I see you are as busy as usual, Lisa. Glad you're back. :)


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