Wednesday, January 7, 2015

orange and purple amounting to something...

"On rare occasions, and for no special reason he could think of, he imagined he was sitting by the fire in the study, in the company of a companionable wife. He would be reading, and she would be sitting across from him in a wing chair. In this idyll, he could not see her face, but he knew it had a girlish sweetness, and she was always knitting. Knitting, he thought, was a comfort to the soul. It was regular. It was repetitious. And, in the end, it amounted to something."
~Father Tim's musing, At Home in Mitford, chapter one

I've been contentedly knitting away at a few simple knitted kitchen cloths to replace last year's old worn out ones. They do wear out, don't they? I just love using hand-knit washcloths...

The gorgeous orange cotton was a Christmas gift from the young daughter of a dear friend! So sweet! Each new washcloth is going to be carefully tucked away into a drawer just waiting until the next time said friends come by for a visit -- won't that sweet girl be pleased? Surely. :)

The purple is a little 777 Beanie I knit up as a Christmas gift to Charlotte (along with a matching pair of leg warmers...will have to ask her mama to snap a photo for me to share!). The beanie turned out to be a wee bit too small, so I ripped out the decreases in order to knit a few more rows for some additional length.

Several years ago (many, in fact), I spent about a year enjoying the Mitford books by Jan Karon. I mentioned yesterday that I picked up the entire eight-book series at the Goodwill (for about $20). This, my friends, was a real treat as these books were on my Christmas wish list! Not having received them, I used some of the money gifted to me by my sweet mother-in-law to buy them -- thank you, Shirley!

Have you ever spent any time in Mitford? It's a fictional town, but I sure do enjoy being caught up in the lives of Ms. Karon's quirky characters. And the quote about certainly does amount to something, doesn't it?

What's on your needles? What have you been reading?
Joining Ginny :)


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  1. I just used Amazon credit tu buy the new Mitford book. It is waiting to be enjoyed with a cup of a hot tea. Mitford is the best place to visit on a cold winter today. So happy Jan Karon wrote another book.

  2. I love handmade washcloths too! I have only read a few of the Mitford books, but I am looking forward to getting back to them this year. What a great find!

  3. Anonymous1/07/2015

    No, I have never read any of her books...I think I am going to have to start them ;D mari

  4. Anonymous1/07/2015

    I haven't ever read these. I'll be looking for them now.

    I love, love, love handknit dishcloths. I hate to use anything else.

  5. hello lisa,
    i love handmade dishcloths. i have a few books from jan the mitford serie!!!
    happy knitting,

  6. The knitted cloths look great! I always love using them! Thank you for commenting on my post about my sweater and Downton Abbey. Yes you can watch Downton for free here's the link!!! Let me know if this helps! :)

  7. Lovely! I read a couple of the mitford books several years ago as well and really loved them at the time but I think I as in college and my reading time was so limited that I didn't continue on with the series. I have thought several times of going back to pick them up again.
    I love knit cloths and need to replace several of mine which are starting to get holes in them now! We are so hard on them here!

  8. i'm not a mitford fan.....i know I'm totally in the minority here!!!!! lovely knits for the new year!!!! (welcome back to this space....missed you!)

  9. Oh my, how I love the Mitford series! Think I'll go dig mine out and reread them! One of those lovely reads that's worth reading over and over! I'm finishing up a scarf that should have been done for Christmas, next up a cotton blanket that needs finishing.

  10. I tried reading the first Mitford book over five years ago, but could not get into it. Maybe I should try reading it again.

  11. I've only read one Mitford book, I think the first one. I enjoyed it but haven't read anything else. So many books, so little time.

  12. I haven't read any Mitford books, but will have to give them a "look-see". Please share the photo of Charlotte when it comes in. I just love her little cheeks, and I'm sure they'll be extra cute wearing her new beanie!

  13. I think I read one? maybe two....cannot remember. But I did enjoy them. Lovely orange, it's the color I'm knitting with as well.


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