Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekend update...2015/1

I mentioned on Monday that we had tickets to the Oregon Symphony -- Mr. Perlman was fantastic in his performance! In our family, I'm not one of the actual musicians nor am I as passionate about listening to music as are Dan and the kids, but being in the presence of greatness is (or should be) obvious to anyone, and I sat in awe as fingers flew effortlessly over the stings. Although we were near the back of the main floor, our seats were just off the center aisle providing a good view of the entire orchestra. What a thrill (especially for our violinist, AnnaLynn) and what a blessing!

We enjoyed dinner prior to the concert at the Deschutes Brewery in downtown Portland...Dan had their mac & cheese with sausage while the kids and I had burgers (Anna and I shared), all of which was delicious. That same night was the big college football national championship, and you can imagine all the Duck fans that filled the place to watch the game. We don't really follow college football, but people around here love their Ducks; naturally, we cheered along. :)  Later in the evening, as soon as the concert was ended, cell phones came out and the disappointment was evident as folks learned their team had been beaten badly (just as I was a couple weekends ago when the Steelers lost to the Ravens).

The weather has been cool, clear, crisp. I love the look of frost on the landscape as the sun makes its way over the mountains, but as much as I enjoy watching winter sunrises, I would love a good snow. The kind of snow that stays around for a week or more, the kind that makes it possible to build a snowman; we haven't had more than a couple light dustings this fall or winter (so far). Thankfully, we've had plenty of rain, so I'm not complaining about the sunny days even when it's in the 30s. Our woodstove has been working overtime...

I picked up a new frying pan this week at Target. No, it's not cast iron... I know I need to use my cast iron regularly in order to get a good non-stick seasoning going. No excuses, But I don't feel too badly as this new pan is supposed to be made with a special non-toxic coating. It's a compromise I'll live with in order to keep my eggs from sticking. :)

Lesson planning and reading the kids' recent short stories was a quiet way to spend an afternoon earlier in the week. Friday evening while Dan and the kids attended gym night, I made two batches of soap (sweet pea & lavender) and watched episode two of this season's Downton. I have to say that I'm not liking the Lady Mary story line at all. Otherwise, Downton is a fun escape even though it is somewhat of a glorified soap opera. I do love the period clothing, manners, etc., and enjoyed watching "The Manners of Downton Abbey" -- a special in which the behaviors/manners of the time are explained and how they are kept true to the time on the show. If you're interested in history, you'll enjoy it. Fyi, (and thanks to Melissa!) you can watch for free on the PBS website. :)

What have you been up to this week?


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  1. Anonymous1/17/2015

    The concert sounds wonderful!
    I love the frying pan. I have to admit I like a bit of color in the kitchen, especially this time of year.

    I have a quick question -- when you do your pressure canning do you do it on your smooth top stove? I haven't tried it yet, but hate to go out and buy a new stove if I can use it.

    1. Hi Shara! Hope your Saturday has been productive. I just put a chicken in the crockpot (but it's only quarter to 12 noon here out west. :) I remember you mentioning a while back about wanting to get a new stove for canning...we are waiting until our glass top goes out, but, until then, I have used it for canning. I usually use my propane cooker out on the porch, but I did use it indoors this summer in order to keep a better eye on the pressure gauge and didn't have any problems. Some say it's not advisable, so proceed with caution. We are planning to switch to a gas stove (and use propane) once this one goes out.

      A happy weekend to you! ~Lisa :)

    2. Anonymous1/20/2015

      Thanks! My manual says it can be done as long as I use a flat bottomed canner, which I didn't realize one that wasn't even I'm going to try it.

  2. Anonymous1/17/2015

    How exciting to have sen him live. Like you I don't like the mary story line either , in fact I stopped watching completely, couldn't get into it after awhile it just bored me :0(. I use my iron pots pretty consistently they just cook better :0) blessings to you ... Mari

  3. I could use a good snow too Lisa, but I think you are more likely to get it than me.
    I am a cast iron girl all the way, even using it for muffins. My favorite is to put stew in the dutch oven and cook on the woodstove, makes me feel like I should be on Little House on the Prairie!
    I have got to watch an episode of Downton Abbey!

  4. Mari & Tracey, I have two cast iron pans, one is a frying pan and the other is a dutch oven. I'm going to try making stew on the wood stove, Tracey. How early in the day do you have to put it on to be ready by supper time?


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