Friday, February 6, 2015

flower power, something yellow, and a pic of Linnea :)
{weekend update}

So thankful Dan was able to get a good photo of me when we visited the hospital last Friday afternoon (the lighting in hospital rooms is terrible!). He had this on his phone and I just got him to email it to me. :) Hard to believe how quickly a week can pass by. Our wee Linnea is doing well as is the mama and the big sis. I've been feverishly working to finish projects I thought I had more time to complete...our little sweetie arrived a week early! I'm on the last row of the yellow before it will be blocked and gifted. Socks for the baby are finished, but the matching pair for Charlotte turned out too small. A larger pair has been cast on and should work up quickly. Thankful I picked up a second skein of matching Patons. A final secret project has been on the back burner, but it will be picked up once the yellow and the socks are wrapped up.

Two in our household were hit with a nasty cold early this week. My recent reading about essential oils sure came in handy -- one of my "patients" used Four Thieves, lemon, and peppermint EOs and sipped on several cups of tea while the other did not. One was remarkably better within just one day, and the other is still feeling rather poorly. Flower power...  I'm thankful I was not afflicted (I have learned to use my EOs preemptively). Have you tried this tea?

This weekend my folks will be in town to meet the new baby and we'll be celebrating my dad's 75th!


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  1. Lisa, that is a beautiful photo of you holding such a tiny, tiny wee one! Are they really that small ;)? I am waiting for a yarn delivery so I can begin knitting a blanket for our newest to be member, I can't wait.
    Sorry you have sickly ones in your home, I have been battling a slight cold, but at least it hasn't been too bad.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. My cousin uses EO and swears by them for colds! hope you all get better... beautiful little baby! and lovely yellow blanket!!! :)

  3. what a lovely photo!!! hope you people are all feeling better in time for the weekend party!!! enjoy.

  4. You look so adorable with the baby :) Love it!! Sorry to hear some are ill in the house, I hope that it goes away quickly if it hasn't already :) That yellow blanket is beautiful!!

  5. That yellow sure is pretty! So is the photo of you and Linnea. You've been very busy...hoping all the sickness passes quickly.

  6. Anonymous2/09/2015

    Lovely photo of you and the baby! *So* precious!! :) That yellow is one of my favorite colors...I made a shawl from a similar shade and it makes me happy!

    Have a good week. -Julie

  7. You are simply beaming Lisa! Enjoy it all. And I hope everyone feels better soon - and keeps the germs away from you.

  8. What a happy, lovely photo of you and Linnea. Yellow will be in time for daffodil season - upcoming. -Karen A.

  9. You are glowing, Lisa. Congrats again! :)
    Much love,


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