Friday, February 20, 2015

herbs, deer, and homestead plans...

Five months ago we visited a local rock quarry and built ourselves a rock wall...

...we also planted a new lawn, but fall slipped away and we never finished our project. Now that spring is just around the corner, we've got to dig everything out of this bed, fill it with soil, and then replant. We'll likely lose the bulbs that have poked their noses through already, but it's a job that simply needs to be done and the sunny weather forecasted for this weekend means it's time! (I'll share pics, I promise, when it's all done!)

Deer. What can we do? We live in the forest!! Our fruit trees are protected with fencing, and the vegetable garden is surrounded with deer fencing as well, but the herb and flower gardens are not. Dan thinks that if we get a dog that will keep them away (and if we get a dog our AnnaLynn would be thrilled!)... Stay tuned on this one.

In order: oregano, chives, sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender. Not pictured is garlic, echinacea, and stevia. Our herb garden has been cleaned up, plants have been pruned, and all that's left to do is to add additional soil to our raised beds. I'll be adding more lavender this spring, too (one of the few herbs the deer don't mess with)! The metal hoops we cover with bird netting which helps keep the deer from nibbling, but it's not always successful as the local deer can be rather clever. :)

The northwest corner of our house which needs some serious attention...

...and our back deck which also needs to be finished. The plan is to build stairs along the open edge down to the lawn.

Daffodils in waiting...

So, so much to do! Slowly, but surely, and project by project, the work is being completed. The satisfaction of seeing the 2.5 acre slice of wilderness we purchased just ten years ago become a productive little homestead is priceless.

Truly happy in Dole Valley,


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  1. It is all coming along nicely. My husband says he doesn't want it all done, he needs (and will need in the future) things to do to stay connected to this life. I love that thought. My mint and chives are right in line with yours for growth. We have put in additional rock borders here on our little place, that and raised beds for better production. I would love to grow enough tomatoes to can my own again. Happy Spring!

  2. Anonymous2/23/2015

    Take your time. Plans have a tendency to multiply and then they become too big to be doable. You have a beautiful home Lisa... :0) mari

  3. Just look at you go Lisa, it all looks and sounds great. I haven't done one thing except keep an eye on the garlic, and I need to get a move on, time is ticking. We have rain moving in today along with another cold front, 41 for a high tomorrow, and after that I am hoping things will settle down and I can get my hands dirty in my herb bed. The tractor pump came in last week so Mike can get the tractor repaired and hit the fields. Busy time is coming.

  4. oh, jealousy is not pretty - I would love to start getting ready for Spring, but we can't find any of the raised beds: they are currently under at least 3 or 4 feet of snow!

    Everything looks great and the plans sound great - can't wait for more pictures: I think I will live vicariously through you for a while.


  5. Your plans sound amazing! Fresh herbs are the best and especially homegrown ones.Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

  6. A feast for the eyes when one is still stuck in snow world! We live in a wooded area as well and have difficulties with the deer as well. Sigh. In my daughters little garden I have sprayed some of my daughter's garden flowers with water and sprinkled cayenne and black pepper and that helped. I actually got human hair from my hair dresser and scattered that under my lilies (a tip I had heard) and that helped as well.

    We have a dog - that didn't help at all. Lol

  7. I just love your vegetable garden - though I know how hard it can be to grow things with deer. :( When I look at all your photos, I just see so much waiting to happen - gets me excited for spring!


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