Tuesday, February 24, 2015

no, it's not Monday... :)
{mindful Monday #7}

{Mindful Mondays}
a good starting place for the week
and a nifty way to document what I am...

Reading: A Light in the Window (Mitford #2)

Listening to:  My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms

Studying: the Word

Creating: a lovely flower garden along my front porch

Cooking: pasta alfredo for dinner tonight

Educating: still listening to Dr. G's Modernity lectures during our Monday and Wednesday drives

Feeling: good about the work we accomplished outdoors this weekend and happy about the cooperation of the weather!

Thinking: about current world events and how much we need to be...

Praying for: Christians around the world, wisdom for our national leaders, boldness to stand for the truth, and for God's mercy upon us

Thankful for: the opportunity to visit with my niece who is home from serving in ministry in northern Iraq, for the beautiful silk scarf she brought me from the local market there, and for God's protection and provision for her (we met for breakfast here on Saturday -- yum!)

A day late, I know...better late than never!
What are you mindful of today?


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  1. My Monday post when up today as well. That's the way life rolls at times :)
    Your Pasta Alfredo sounds yummy...care to share your recipe?
    Are you still having spring-like weather?

  2. Hi Darcel :) My alfredo sauce recipe is here: http://happyindolevalley.blogspot.com/2011/07/chicken-alfredo-pizza-its-whats-for.html -- just spoon the sauce over some pasta rather than onto a pizza crust. Enjoy!!

  3. Yay! I was going to ask for the Alfredo recipe too! Thanks! It is not warm enough to work outside in the garden yet (still snow on the ground), but I can not wait to get outside to play in the dirt. :)

  4. Anonymous2/25/2015

    Such a lovely life you have, Lisa! The alfredo sounds yummy... must try it! And many congrats to you on your etsy success. (I read your other post...) Your items look fantastic. :) Have a good week.


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