Wednesday, February 18, 2015

of socks, seeds & sunny days :)
{tending my yarn garden}

I know I've shared pics of these already...

...but they are finished and ready to be gifted. :) The socks are a matching set for my grandbabies and the blanket is for Linnea to match the pink one I crocheted for her big sister Charlotte when she was born. Secret projects are still in the works and getting closer to being completed! One is being created using this skein of loveliness:

Reading has been divided between my Bible, the 2nd book in Jan Karon's Mitford series, Beautiful Girlhood which I'm leading a small group of young ladies through, and the Territorial Seed catalog. We've used seed from Territorial for years now and always have great success. One reason I love their catalog is the abundant help they provide from sowing seed to harvest and storage.

I'm sure it's obvious from my last few posts that I'm enjoying the early taste of spring God has blessed us with! It's Tuesday afternoon as I write this, and I must confess that I feel a tad guilty for sharing about our amazing weather when much of the country is covered with snow. Just an hour ago AnnaLynn and I parked ourselves on a blanket on the lawn to soak up some vitamin D. :)

Sunshine is such a mood lifter. I was reminded recently in conversation of how the sun is a natural cleanser, of how it purifies the soil. And I got to thinking of how being out in the sun can have a purifying effect on the mind and the mood. Think of the impact of a warm sunny day after a long spell of gray skies. I live in the Pacific Northwest where winters are typically cool and rainy. The smiles are contagious when the sun appears in the sky here. :)  The bright colors in the yarn I've been knitting with are equally as sunny. I don't usually tend toward bright colors in my yarn crafting, but I'm thinking I should expand my horizons.

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. I do enjoy seeing your pretty grandbaby knits Lisa and have plans to knit those socks for Porter.
    The sun is shining here this morning after days of grey skies and I agree, it is a big mood lifter. It also show me that I need to dust more ;)

  2. so many pretty knitted items, so lovely! The sun has been shining lately here and even though it's freezing cold outside the sun makes it a tad warmer and brighter.

  3. Those socks are so cheerful looking. Look forward to seeing the secret knitting as that yarn looks lovely.

  4. so glad for the finished knits and that you are getting some sun! I lived in the lower mainland of BC for about 5 years so I know how important sunshine in winter is for you! Blessed beginning of Lent!

  5. Such pretty yarn for your secret project! I just love those colorful socks. I am so envious of your sunshine.

  6. Goodness, those tiny socks are just adorable! The blanket looks lovely and I adore the red yarn.

  7. those bitty socks are the cutest!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Anonymous2/18/2015

    Love the socks! So bright and pretty to see when we are in so much snow. Enjoy your sunshine! :0) I have the Beautiful Girlhood book to start with my daughter soon. I can't believe we are there already....

  9. I can't wait for spring! Here in New York it's freezing! Anyway, the blanket is beautiful for Linnea (what a pretty name) :)

  10. Anonymous2/19/2015

    All of your projects are so pretty! I love Beautiful Girlhood - have read it with my two older girls and will (Lord willing) go through it with the little ones when they are a bit older. Have a great week, Lisa. Enjoy your early spring! :)

  11. I love love the blanket. What a beautiful pattern.


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