Friday, February 27, 2015

six yards of soil later...
that front porch flower bed is finished!

Remember this overgrown mess?  I promised pictures when this project was finished, and I'm finally getting to it. :)

Last Thursday the soil was delivered, and Friday morning the work commenced! While Anna and I enjoyed breakfast with an aunt and cousin in Battle Ground, the guys worked hard digging out all the plants (and weeds). When we girls arrived back home later in the morning, we had the job of dividing eight years' worth of bulb and perennial growth while the guys moved all that soil. Thankfully, the weather was perfect -- mild in temperature (upper 50s) and skies just overcast enough to prevent our transplants from drying out before we could get them back into the ground.

Altogether I think we worked from about 9 a.m. until 4:30 in the afternoon when the entire bed was thoroughly watered. As of today, one week later, I am thrilled to say that we didn't lose a single plant. It remains to be seen whether we will lose any bloom this spring (only 3 weeks away!). The satisfaction in seeing the project completed is incredible as I've envisioned this since we hastily planted this bed when we first moved in.

A few words about the plants...

The "chicks and hens" are transplants from my grandmother's yard back in Pittsburgh; a gift from my brother who dug them years ago when Grandma's house was sold. They are treasures to me. :)

My bearded iris and blue bells are transplants from our previous home in town, so they, too, are special. The deer like to nibble the blue bell growth as soon as it pops up, so they don't look very nice now. Thankfully, they still bloom for me and provide many sweet smelling bouquets. :)  The rest of this bed is filled with plants given to us or purchased when we moved in: Japanese iris, a rhododendron, shasta daisies, daylilies, forget-me-nots, and a calla lily. Daffodils and crocus will go in this fall, but I won't get ahead of myself.

Looking forward to spring and tackling more of our homestead projects!  I'm working on a dedicated page called "around the homestead" in which to document our projects as well as to keep track of the gardens. :)

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  1. Anonymous2/27/2015

    What a wonderful bed :0) it is going to look beautiful this Spring... mari

  2. that's so nice! how wonderful to have plants that have literally traveled with you!

  3. Nice, I can't wait to see photos of the plants in bloom!

  4. Looks great! I can not wait to plant and dig. We got more snow this week. Ugh!

  5. looks lovely and I bet the scent is great! I might be one of the few that like that dirt smell, it reminds me of spring I guess. We had tons of dirt delivered to fill in a huge hole in our back yard. Once it was dumped it didn't look like much!! enjoy your new garden!

  6. Lots of hard work but, it looks great!

  7. and it's done so early in the are actually going to be able to enjoy it all spring!!! YES!!!

  8. One of my favorite warm-weather pastimes - landscaping! That will look beautiful once it fills in! Great job!

  9. That was a lot of work but looks so good already. I'm sure it will be so nice to have the flowers blooming soon. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party.


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