Monday, February 16, 2015

when spring arrives early in Dole Valley :)
[mindful monday #6]

Hello! Please pardon my lack of posting. I know, I know, it seems I've been rather inconsistent. But, you see, I have a good reason! Like you, I wear many hats--wife, mom, daughter, sister, grandma, friend, bookkeeper, hostess, laundress, chef, gardener, personal shopper, etc.--I've joyfully worn them all the past couple weeks. Life is full and blessed! :)  And to top things off, and with apologies to those of you on the east coast, spring, it seems, has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. :)

I've got a couple posts in the works to try to catch myself up a bit (my dad's 75th, work accomplished around the homestead this past week, goals for 2015, and secret knits & crochets), but lest I fall any further behind, I figured a Mindful Monday post was in order. :)

{Mindful Mondays}
a good starting place for the week
and a nifty way to document what I am...

Reading: the 2nd Mitford book, Psalms, Proverbs, Beautiful Girlhood, and the Territorial Seed catalog

Listening to: my wind chimes, the crackle of the fire to take off the morning chill, and the latest Basement Tape

Studying: better ways to care for my strawberry patch and how to deter deer from my herb and flower gardens

Creating: secret knit and crochet projects...I'm so behind!! :)

Cooking: grilling steaks for today's's supposed to be 63F!

Educating: looking ahead to next year which will be Daniel's senior year (oh my, where do the years go?), trying to stay focused on this year's studies with this beautiful weather has been a wee bit difficult :)

Feeling: happy and optimistic...sunny days tend to do that!

Thinking: about spending the day outdoors soaking up a healthy dose of vitamin D, the garden seed order I need to make this week, and how much I love my husband who gave me primroses for Valentines Day :)

Praying: for perseverance in keeping my goals for this year (which I have yet to post about)

Thankful: for time spent with my precious granddaughters, for a completed crochet project (!), for a warm, sunny weekend and the achy muscles that come from two days of cleaning up the gardens, that all my tax papers have been delivered to our CPA (!!), for special time spent with family and friends, and that summer plans (camping, hiking, gardening) are in the works!!

What are you mindful of today?

joining Kathleen & Karen :)


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  1. Look at those tiny baby cheeks! Is that a tiny afghan with your book? I like the color. I'm going to look into Beautiful Girlhood...the title is catchy.
    Warm weather makes you feel all gooey inside, huh? Me too!
    We're in the midst of the coldest it's been and it's snowing as I type this.

  2. It is so nice to read how full and wonderful life is in your world Lisa. You have some beautiful grand babies and I know how much you enjoy spending time with them.
    If you discover a way to keep the deer away please share, I am doing the same here.

  3. Beautiful granddaughters! Lovely blanket and primroses. I think I have that book somewhere in the living room...I wanted to read it with my daughter. Thanks for the reminder. You have such wonderful summer plans.

  4. that blanket is so beautiful!!! :) blessings!

  5. the blanket is gorgeous! Love the rich yellow. Now I must say you have two beautiful grands in this post, but I think you know that already. Glad life is being good to you and yours.

  6. oh, lisa, that blanket is beyond beautiful!!! and those little ones!!! you are truly blessed!


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