Monday, March 9, 2015

mindful Monday #9

{Mindful Mondays}
a good starting place for the week
and a nifty way to document what I am...

Reading: A Light in the Window (Mitford #2) -- almost done :)

Listening to: piano duets being practiced by Daniel & AnnaLynn, solos by each, and A on the violin, all in preparation for recitals in mid-April

Studying: I Samuel and Beautiful Girlhood (by Karen A)

Creating: three new beds for shrubs & perennials which were begun on Saturday morning (will share tomorrow, LW), and in the yarn dept., all my secret knitting projects are on hold except for one which will demand all my time in order to finish on time...I work best with a deadline (do you?).

Cooking: spaghetti, black bean & sausage chili, chicken curry, and pizza are on the menu this week

Feeling: good about progress we made around the homestead on Saturday morning :)

Thinking: about whether to continue along in the Mitford series or if I should pick up something different for a while (any suggestions?)

Praying: for a dear friend's mom who had a stroke and another friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer :(

Thankful: for the unseasonably warm weather we've enjoyed the past few weeks, for Miss Baker who teaches my kids' math and science classes, for a Sunday afternoon spent in fellowship with friends and family, for a good cup of tea and my knitting, for the beauty that surrounds us here in the Cascade foothills, and for little Miss Charlotte -- all in the pics from last week which are above :)

Happy Monday,


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  1. The top picture is so pretty! I love seeing the green grass. :) Miss Charlotte is adorable her blue eyes are beautiful!

  2. Lori in Texas3/09/2015

    Hi Lisa,
    If you haven't read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, I highly recommend it!! It is "historical Christian fiction" but ties to the story of Hosea in the O.T. Check out the thousand plus high reviews on Amazon to get a feel for what it is about.. Don't miss it!

  3. lovely weekend, I hope your friends improve in health, so sad. I miss when the piano is played around here!


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