Friday, March 13, 2015

rainy days, cotyledons, and creativity...

A little rain finally found its way to our corner of the country. I wasn't surprised to learn that this winter has been the second driest/warmest here in the Pacific NW since the 1930s. There is literally zero snow in the Cascades below about 4500' which will make for low streams and rivers come this summer. Guess it's time to install a few rain barrels...  I just love that first picture as it so represents the feeling of the view from my front porch on a cloudy, rainy day. Peace. Calm. Quiet. I love it.

The kids have been diligent in their preparations for next month's recitals. They work so hard and never cease to amaze me, as I have virtually no musical talent. What a gift to hear them play...I will miss it when they are grown. Sigh.

Lettuces have sprouted! The lilac I thought was dead is showing signs that it, in fact, is not! A spider shared her creativity with us by leaving her web on the front porch! And I have spent every spare moment working on Linnea's Swan. :)

More rain is forecast for this weekend, in fact, over an inch which is so needed. After that, the weatherlady is calling for more unseasonably warm, sunny days next week. Crazy!

Happy weekending,


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  1. Anonymous3/13/2015

    Here in the mountains, rain will be visiting this weekend also:) enjoy your days my friend.

  2. It is raining here as I type, rain we really don't need; it's either none or too much it seems.
    I do not have a soul in my family that is musical talented, but my sister's do. How nice it must
    be to listen to the beautiful sounds they create.
    I hope you enjoy a fun weekend.

  3. how nice! It was cool here but sunny and lovely! yay for gardens growing, children playing music and beauty!!!

  4. I can imagine the music swelling up in your house, how lovely. The wee sprouts are so hopeful, I can't wait for more spring weather to arrive.

  5. What strange weather - we had the largest amount of snow fall ever and the west coast is sorely lacking in precipitation. You will miss the musical sounds when the kids grow up. I'm so happy my daughter was asked to go back to sing with her high school chorus next week - I never thought I would miss that! You have such a peaceful spot Lisa. Enjoy your week.

  6. Your photos look calm, quiet, and peaceful. I like when we have days like that. I was hoping today would be that way, but it's not looking like today is the day for calm and quiet, hehe.

    Love the pics of your kiddos practicing. Also your little sprouts!


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