Monday, April 20, 2015


I'm hoping to return to my usual mindful Monday posting, but the weather was so glorious this weekend that I thought I'd just share how I filled my time...

iced coffee: strong coffee, ice, a little milk, and some stevia -- perfection!
lots of stitching on Tucker's 2nd cardi (one sleeve is almost done!)
thoroughly enjoyed the intoxcating fragrance of apple blossoms
laughed at our hens
wished I had a better lens to capture a hummingbird
drove up a logging road to photograph my AnnaLynn in Silverstar and Rose City
stitched two baptismal cloths for Sunday morning baptisms...I always cry at baptisms :)
enjoyed Saturday dinner, a bonfire & a glass of good wine with the kids and grands :)
transplanted seedlings
dinner Sunday with good friends, final planning of our church's Ladies' Brunch coming up May 2!
a stop at the Yacolt library to pick up new books and a few can visit, too! Yep, that's our small town of Yacolt at the beginning of the video. :)

It certainly was a productive weekend, but I assure you it was low-key, relaxed, non-rushed, and purely refreshing. How was your weekend?

Joining Karen. :)


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  1. Gorgeous photos. The flowers in bloom are so pretty and the finished knits look great on your model.
    Also loving that shade of brown for your current knitting project.

    1. Isn't that brown a nice one? It's KP's Cotlin line in "brown sugar" -- a dk weight that's super nice for warmer weather. Thanks for the kind words, Darcel. :)

  2. Silverstar is gorgeous! I can't wait for that pattern to come out :-)
    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend Lisa.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful Lisa and I love seeing her model you knits. My apple tree is just about done blooming and I am now on the look out to see how many apples I will have to guard. Do you have squirrels there? I have to not only watch out for the deer, but the squirrels too.

    1. She's a cutie to me for sure, Tracey. :) Yes, we do have squirrels (as well as other forest critters). We have fences around our fruit trees to keep the deer out, but nothing to keep the squirrels away. What do you do?

    2. Yell at them as they run across my yard with my fruit! LOL

  4. what a special time! love those photo opt knit wear pix! Christ is Risen!

  5. Your daughter is so pretty! I love seeing the hand knits and the view in the background is so beautiful! You are so blessed! :)

    1. Thanks, Melissa, for the kind words. We are indeed blessed to live in a beautiful area surrounded by miles and miles of forest and mountains which make for lovely backdrops to many of my photos. :)

  6. Anonymous4/21/2015

    Such a nice way to spend the weekend! Your daughter is becoming such a lovely woman...just like her mama ;D mari

  7. my gram would cry at baptisms, holy communions and confirmations :) Lovely daughter and beautiful modeling. Gorgeous knits as well, life is GOOD.

  8. I always cry too! At anything really, even ads on TV - hopeless! We just had ANZAC Day here in Australia - the ANZAC services always make me cry.
    Love the knits - wow - and those gorgeous mountains.


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