Monday, April 13, 2015

when a month flies by...

When a month flies by and it's been filled with life, joy, and celebration, filled with all kinds of satisfying work, filled with travel, knitting, and a stack of good books, the update post could go on and on.

 But when it's been overshadowed by being sick for the past several weeks, I'm thinking it's likely best to just say, "Hello."  Nothing serious; I'm fine, really. Just a bad cold that turned into a nasty sinus infection that turned into a horrendous allergic reaction to an antibiotic. But like I said, I'm fine. Was it fun? Nope. Am I thankful? Absolutely. :)

Joy is a habit: wear it.

Yep, that's my Charlotte gathering eggs on the lawn on Easter. :)

See you back here later this week...looking forward to catching up!


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  1. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Get well soon. Did Charlotte have fun on Easter?

  2. so sorry you were ill! welcome back and may God restore you to health again!

  3. Anonymous4/13/2015

    Oh my sweet Lisa. Praying for healing and take your time getting better :0)

  4. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry you have been sick and has a reaction to the meds [happened to me last year], but am so happy to see you in this space and can't wait to catch up.

  5. Hope you're feeling better! Being sick is NOT fun.

  6. Praying that you are on the mend! Hugs!

  7. Glad you are feeling better. Tis the season for colds to be flying around. Please stay healthy! Looking forward to catching up with you Lisa.

  8. missed you! glad you are back and feeling better.

  9. poor you, I hope you are on the mend! Hugs :)

  10. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for my mending...feeling better, stronger, every day. :)
    xo Lisa


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