Tuesday, May 26, 2015

new, new, new...
{tending my yarn garden}

I wouldn't want to bore you, so I'm sharing all that's new to me this week...

The beautiful yarn bowl was a gift from my youngest two for Mother's Day! I love the size and colors (goes perfectly in my family room).

That gorgeous silk is destined to become a Citron. Funny story... While at the Oregon coast two weekends ago, we visited Coastal Yarns in Cannon Beach where I saw the most beautiful Citron on display. Turns out it was knit in this same yarn (same colorway, too), and since I'd been longing to knit one, I brought home a skein to make my Citron dreams come true. Now, here's where it gets funny. I'd forgotten to ask if they'd used more than one skein for the sample before I left the yarn shop, so when I got home I did a Ravelry search to see what the yardage was. Wouldn't you know I found a Citron project listed using the same yarn. I left a comment and it turns out that the knitter actually works at Coastal Yarns and had knit the sample I'd fallen in love with. Small world, huh?

I'm still working on my Brennan and haven't made too much progress due to the busy weekend. The bottom pic is a pair of fingerless mitts for AnnaLynn I'm working up with leftover Cotlin.

Reading is still Somewhere in France which I'm about halfway through. I keep going from loving this story to almost losing interest. But almost losing interest isn't the same as losing interest. :)  It's still on my nightstand which means I haven't given up on it yet.

Other reading has included a reread of Fresh Eggs Daily which is an excellent primer for raising laying hens (yes, we are raising a new flock of layers, but that's a topic for another post...).

Before you go, it's not too late to enter my pattern giveaway -- thanks to all of you who've already entered. :)

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  1. Love your yarn bowl! I have one on order too - it is slowly winging its way all the way to Australia. That silk is a divine colour - cannot wait to see it knitted up. It is funny - I have met people that live just down the road (in country terms, 40 km!) on the internet. A very roundabout way of getting back to someone who is close by in real life!

  2. love your bowl and it would be perfect in my living room, just sayin'. Great knitting and I love Citron!!!

  3. Beautiful yarn bowl....love that yarn for your Citron!

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  5. how neat about the yarn!!! all the best with the new projects! God bless! :)

  6. Anonymous5/27/2015

    Beautiful gifts :)

  7. Such a lovely gift from your children! And I love that colorway for the Citron; looking forward to seeing it knit up!

  8. What a pretty yarn bowl! I love it when those "yarn-coincidences" occur. It is indeed a small world. And that yarn IS going to make a beautiful Citron.

  9. your citron is going to be GORGEOUS....and that yarn is going to look so pretty nestled in the yarn bowl. (So pretty, you may not feel the rush to the finish line so you can enjoy all those great colors together!!!)

  10. I agree with all the comments on the lovely yarn bowl and gorgeous silk yarn. I also think the color you chose for the sweater is really nice.

    Are you new to chickens? I can't remember. A really great book of chicken and egg recipes, which also gives a little information on suburban flock raising (though I kind of didn't like her POV and commentary) is Chicken and Egg. Everything I've made from it is wonderful. I made the egg salad with cucumber and basil and added some cooked chicken thighs to it for a chicken and egg salad that was marvelous on croissants.

  11. Another gorgeous yarn bowl!! And fabulous yarn to go in it!


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