Thursday, June 4, 2015

habits are the spine...

Habits matter because: 
Habits are the spine of our self-control.

Came across this simple truth in my inbox this morning and just had to share. Working on some new habits here in our home, working to break some bad ones, too. Considering how habits and self-control are taught, are caught, by example. Sort of like how one dandelion, harmless in and of itself, if left to blossom, can soon spread throughout the entire lawn... Praying for wisdom and perseverance because bad habits are hard to 14, at 16, and even harder, I think, at 51. Sigh. Thankful His mercies are new every morning. :)

Still working on that "catching up" post from May and hope I get it done before too much more of June goes by! Have a great weekend, everyone, xo,


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  1. Oh yes, we have some bad habits to break, mainly around excessive TV and phone use. It so much harder to break a bad habit than form a good replacement one. It would have been so much easier to never have formed them in the first place.
    That is a wonderful quote.

  2. Anonymous6/07/2015

    Hi Lisa! I stepped away from blogging for a while and lost a lot of my blog friend contacts. I found you again today! How are you? We recently moved to NC and I am knee deep in boxes.

    Love that quote! Something definitely to think about! Have a lovely evening!

  3. Loved the quote. I'm still a little disappointed that habits aren't naturally all good once you're grown up. LOL


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