Tuesday, June 23, 2015

tending my summer yarn garden...

So, I couldn't decide whether to use this picture:

Or this one:

So I'm using both. :)

Started last week, my beanie and mitts set is all finished up and will be tucked away for Christmas gift giving. The pink is a wee bonnet for a friend's granddaughter! So thankful that six months remain for the finishing of other larger projects like my Brennan and Citron. Another project I started this week is the deconstruction of this:

I haven't decided what it will become once I've reduced it to hand-wound balls of yarn, but I can tell you that my purpose is to enter the finished project at the county fair in hopes of winning the Elsie Thompson Award which is a special rosette and $10.00 cash award for the best use of recycled materials to make a new garment. Here are the requirements:
  • Submit a picture, duplicate or display of the original materials and indicate what the garment was made from (i.e., dress from drapes, vest from jeans).
  • Must be a new garment, not an alteration for size, etc.
I've always admired seeing what people come up with each year, but I've never seen a "re-knit" of a second-hand garment. And while $10 isn't much, it will more than compensate me for my half-price Goodwill purchase -- wish me luck!

Not a lot of reading happening here this week other than my morning Bible reading and nightly visit to Mitford. Father Tim and Cynthia are like old friends who I'm so glad to be reacquainted with. :)

Thanks so, so much to those of you who've inquired about my AnnaLynn and lifted her up in prayer; she's doing terrific and has been diligent in following her grain and diary free diet. What a trooper! I'm still perplexed as to what caused her to be in such pain what is now two weeks ago, but I'm thankful for answered prayers nonetheless.

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. Fantastic to hear she is doing better! Love the mitts set. I am so going to have to start reading Mitford. I haven't committed yet as I want to finish up all the other books I am reading first. Good luck with the entry - very exciting! Keep us posted with progress.

  2. good luck! I know you will come up with something good. Glad she is feeling better and you have finished some lovely projects.

  3. so happy she is doing better!!! Will be following the deconstructing!!! I couldn't tell if those seams had been cut....hoping you don't have to deal with all those ends! eek! a remake is always so satisfying. :)

  4. Lovely knits! And I actually like that sweater you're going to be deconstructing! lol. But I'm really excited to see what you will do with it! Have you ever recycled yarn from garments before? I've often thought of doing it, but I'm afraid that I will ruin the yarn and be left with lots of segments of yarn. So glad to hear your darling is feeling better. The Whole30 diet is tough to follow (especially at first) but it always makes me feel so much better! In fact, I need to do it again. I've been having some inflammation and fatigue that are probably diet related.

  5. Reusing yarn from a thrift shop sweater has always intrigued me. Good luck at the fair!

  6. What a great idea Lisa! I tried to do that once and the unwinding process became so difficult. I'm sure I did it wrong. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Great pics above - I would have used them both too!

  7. Oh your knitting is beautiful! What a lot of great projects! And I love Father Tim and Cynthia. And I love, love the title of "Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good". Such a great description and the heart's desire of us all.

  8. What a fun fair category!! I can't wAit to see what you end up doing!

  9. Good luck with your re-knit project, what a fun thing to be taking part in.
    Hope your grain/dairy free is going well. I've done the whole30 twice and both times felt amazing during and afterwards. I'm not intolerant to anything but do feel better if I don't eat too much wheat.
    I've posted the recipe for my mint and lemon syrup in the comments section of my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

  10. Very fun! And that reminds me that I have several knitting projects I can enter in the fair this year, too!


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