Thursday, July 9, 2015

a lot to be thankful for...

The last day of biology with Miss Baker...God bless you, Miss Baker, for your generosity, your help and support of home-school moms, your love and patience for teens, and your passion for teaching!

One of my favorite things...freshly picked green salad. And raspberries. :)

Petunias and alyssum (and hens & chicks) blooming just off my front porch.

Honeysuckle...ready to bloom! A plant I picked up at the Battle Ground farmer's market and am thrilled that it's settling in here in Dole Valley. :)

The afternoon sun dropping behind the treeline bringing coolness to another HOT day.

Cornish cross for meat...raised on grass and organic feed (and, yes, now filling my freezer). Daniel did a great job in raising our meat chickens this year and even participated in the "processing" at the home of good friends who have all the necessary equipment.

Lavender...I love lavender.

Potatoes...the first from our garden. I love potatoes, too.

Linnea Darlene :)  She is five months old already and well loved by all, especially her big sister, Charlotte Rose!  I LOVE being their Baba. :)

Lavender hanging in bundles that I'll sell when they're dry.

A small harvest of garlic. The time for planting slipped by last fall, so I was delighted to discover several volunteer plants growing in my herb garden this spring.

Notes and a lovely hand-sewn needle book from a sweet friend in Pennsylvania. One never knows when or with whom a friendship will blossom. :)

Anna's new (used) Crocs found for cheap at a second hand store...barely worn, and I can wear them, too, as, much to her dismay, her feet are just a half size smaller than mine now. And allow me to introduce you to Bruce, our new bunny.

My flowerbed in bloom...daylillies, shasta daisies, alyssum, marigold, petunias, fuchsia, and a few late-blooming pansies. Coming soon are cosmos which will be nice when the others fade. Million bells, which haven't done well this year, fill my hanging baskets, and not shown are two pots containing impatiens that are doing quite well in the shade of my front porch.

And if you made it this far, thanks for reading my long-overdue "catching up" post that reaches back to May and proceeds all the way to this very morning. Spending an hour this afternoon perusing my photos and deciding which ones to share reminds me of the goodness of God in my life -- my cup overfloweth!


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  1. I enjoyed getting caught up in your world Lisa, so many wonderful things.
    Loved seeing your grand baby, they really are the best.
    Oh, your lavender! I can grow Spanish lavender with no problem, but can only get one season out of French lavender, we are just too hot.

  2. Anonymous7/09/2015

    What a lovely post dear friend.

  3. beautiful list of gratitudes and your grandchild has the most precious face, those eyes twinkling away!! Loved seeing your world in photos and snippets :)

  4. Lovely photos, Lisa. So peaceful...
    I used to have such pretty, healthy lavender, but it looks like it slowly dying out. How do you keep yours so beautiful? Do you prune the plants?

  5. I agree a lovely catch up post with lots of great photos. Something is chewing at the bottom of my lavender, I think it is chipmunks, but not 100% sure?

  6. I always enjoy your photos, you have a great eye for capturing things just right. Glad you're doing well. God Bless!


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