Saturday, July 11, 2015

beauty & coffee on a rainy morning...

It's been rather hot and dry here which is unusual for early summertime in southwest Washington. Everything is so dry which is likely why the folks here in the foothills decided to forego fireworks on the 4th. Honestly. There wasn't a single "boom" on the nights leading up to or following Independence Day. I guess we weren't the only ones concerned about potentially starting a forest fire which is something to be thankful for. Another thing worth noting and giving thanks for is the fact that we got a wee bit of rain Friday morning (yesterday) as well as this morning. Nothing measurable, I'm sure (our rain gauge broke and needs to be replaced), but I welcomed and celebrated the cool, freshness of the air by sipping morning coffee on the front porch...

Each of the above images were captured from the same location...just sharing the view from here. :)

Reading: I'm slowly making my way through the Bible with no plans for finishing within any set time period...tried that before and always met with failure. True Beauty  is seven chapters of wisdom and encouragement regarding the pursuit of, well, true beauty. Beauty not as defined by popular culture, Hollywood, or the magazines that line the grocery checkout, but rather beauty as illustrated by the character of God himself expressed through His awesome creation and redemption.

Beauty: Morning glories -- the first blossom! Honeysuckle in bloom, wave petunias, alyssum, day lilies, a single stem of lavender. a grazing deer, a stormy sky, rain drops...

With wishes for a happy Saturday,


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  1. would love to share just a little of our rain....we had over 15" last week!!! (I'd have been REAL happy to share some that ended up in the scary cellar!!!!)

    That sounds like a beauty book I could really get in to!!! :) Thanks for sharing that one!

  2. Anonymous7/12/2015

    Oh my friend...I would like to send you some from here in the mountains. We have been receiving rain pretty much every week now. So good to see your beautiful garden blooming :0) mari

  3. I am glad you received a tad bit of rain, I hope more will be in your future! We have had some rain but not too too much. The hot weather has started and it's not been fun. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  4. Lisa! Love the photos...especially the view of your porch, and the deer? How sweet.
    Thank you for the thoughtful comment you left on my blog after the shooting of the Methodist church.
    Glad to read and see that you and your family are doing well.

  5. Hi Lisa! I was thinking of you today and thought I would pop by your blog to say hi. This is a lovely post - what beautiful pictures!

  6. What a beautiful view! I am glad that you got rain!


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