Friday, July 24, 2015

moments & gifts...

However many blessings we expect from God,
His infinite liberality will always exceed
all our wishes and our thoughts.

~John Calvin

This morning...
  • Enjoying another chilly morning listening to the birds sing as the sun rises
  • Recovering from a day spent at the river in which we all got a little too much sun (trying this remedy (will update))
  • Creating project lists for what has become a five-day working staycation rather than a camping trip. That's right, our camping trip has been cancelled due to much-needed rain in the forecast; it's ok 'cause we desperately need the rain
This week's...
  • Discovering a close-up captured by AnnaLynn's steady hand
  • Krispy Kreme -- a rare treat
  • An incredible Goodwill find (commemorative tea cup and saucer) (!!)
  • Healthy, home-grown chicken
  • New Ikea dishtowels & glasses
  • Zucchini from a friend
  • Homemade soap :)
Capturing moments & gifts and wishing you a weekend filled with God's abundant blessings,


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  1. :( sorry about the camping trip.....but at the end of the 'staycation' you may be glad you were able to check off a few things on the to-do list!! oooo......what 'flavor' soap???? Looks lovely!

    1. Yes, looking forward to checking a few things off the list!

      The soap is oats and honey and it's wonderful! :)

  2. those pictures are so restful! the one of the chicken is such a wonderful 'detail of life' picture. and the soap, just lovely. there is such pleasure in things like this, what a gift from God indeed. May He always protect us!

  3. Anonymous7/24/2015

    A stay vacation is not so bad :0) look at all the nifty things you are doing :0) mari

  4. I'm glad that you are able to enjoy your staycation. New towels from IKEA is a treat.


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