Wednesday, July 1, 2015

tending my summer yarn garden and some general musing...

First there was this...

and now there is this...

Seams undone, sections unwound, and what remains is 12 balls of yarn in various sizes. I've yet to determine what this collection of reclaimed yarn will become and really need to make a decision because time is ticking, ticking, and the fair is only five weeks away! If you have no idea what this is all about, you can read all about it on Ravelry where I shared the details. :)

Here's something new that I finished up for AnnaLynn...

A rather grown up looking picture, I know. A new pattern I'm hoping to wrap up soon. :)

I don't have a picture of my reading since I forgot to take one, but suffice to say I'm still lost in Mitford and enjoying it tremendously.

Happy July, by the way! We're in the middle of a heatwave and have been watering like crazy every morning before the sun peeks over the tree line to the east. Thankfully, our elevation provides cool nighttime temperatures, so the house has stayed pretty comfortable without the AC. Hot summers are not typical here, and especially hot Junes; we had virtually no rain all month which is not normal. Things are dry which means fire danger is high; I'm not excited about fireworks this weekend and am praying no new fires start as we already have several burning here in the Pacific Northwest. People, be careful!!

The vegetable garden is doing amazing due to all the sunshine and warmth; raspberries are ripening and blueberries are close! I've got more lettuce than we can eat and hope I can keep it from bolting (we keep it covered with a shade cloth, and so far, so good!). What is amazing to me is that our corn patch is doing so well this year -- we will have (already do) corn that is knee high by the 4th for the first time since we've lived out here in the foothills!

Life is slow but busy, so I've had little time to spend here. Hope you are all enjoying your summers, and just in case I don't make it back here before this weekend, have a happy and safe Independence Day! :)

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. wow, a grown up pattern indeed!

    What lovely balls of yarn from that sweater! Mitford is so lovely!

    And how wonderful about the garden! summer is a special time of year! God bless you and your family!

  2. Whatever you end up making with that yarn, now I'm hoping you win the fair prize! That unraveled yarn is beautiful looking.

  3. a very very grown up photo!! lovely set and her modeling is so beautiful and graceful!!

  4. what a lovely photo of your daughter!!! Beautiful!!! Wishing I could rave about my garden this year....HOT HOT humid and mosquito infested.....I went out to take a couple butterfly pics this morning and I was just about eaten alive. Summers are NO FUN here. Lettuce bolted months ago....I think all I have left growing are some currant tomatoes, a couple squash plants, herbs (they live through anything!) and some figs. itty bitty figs. my first year for them. :)

  5. Love the perfectly posed picture. Can't wait to see what your reclaimed yarn becomes - I'm knitting a cowl myself from frogged yarn at the moment!


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