Friday, July 17, 2015

this week...

...a whirlwind of errands,
knitting in solitude at Moulton,
the discovery of hazelnuts outback,
digging volunteer potatoes from my neglected potato patch,
harvesting herbs,
delighting in cactus blooms,
enjoying chilly mornings.

Looking forward to having Jess here this weekend...just one more month until she and Z move to Scotland.

Will. miss. them.

Thankful for Skype, for email, for everything modern that makes the world seem small.

Happy weekending,


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  1. Anonymous7/17/2015

    I is a blessing :0) when it is used for wonderful things like talking to friends like you ;D , and keeping up with family and loved ones that live far away.... love the nail color :0) mari

  2. Beautiful photos. Love all of your plants, scenery, and the one with you knitting by the lake.
    I need to go back and catch up on this move to Scotland. Technology is a great thing....we video chat with my family almost twice a week,and I text my dad daily, talk to him on the phone about every other day.

  3. I am trying not to think of the 'big move' and am just enjoying being with my girls while I can.
    Love the photos.

  4. I will be dipping my toes into skype your toes and your week! Glad you got to see your girl this weekend :)


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