Sunday, July 19, 2015

unwrapping gifts...

When we see calendars not so much
as rows of boxes to fill up with things to do,
but as boxes that we get to unwrap,
the present moment always becomes a gift.

What a perspective changer this quote is. If you know me, if you've been reading here for a while, you surely are aware of my need to order my days, to create lists, to take on too much. The filling up of boxes on the calendar with to-dos can turn the doing of even simple things -- wonderfully ordinary things -- into items to be checked off rather than to be enjoyed. To be present in the moments we have been given is indeed a gift. :)

this weekend's unwrapped gifts:

dappled sunlight,
shady swimming holes,
our short drive to the national forest,
a lazy weekend with three of our kids,
knitting by the river,
a cool house on a hot Sunday.

Daniel didn't feel well on Sunday, so he and I stayed home from church and listened to a sermon online. The rest of my day was spent reading and knitting among other things. And yes, I made a list for the coming week which includes violin lessons and an orchestra audition for AnnaLynn, our weekly book study and park day on Thursday, and bookkeeping and prep for an upcoming camping trip.

Looking forward to unwrapping a new week!

Joining Karen :)


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  1. A beautiful post Lisa, words and photos.
    Yes, each day is a gift to unwrap, something we all need
    to remember.
    Have a great day!

  2. This was a wonderful post to read..and try to remember for the rest of the summer (and always).

  3. I am a kindred spirit of list making and setting time aside for the calmness and basking in contentment. I hope your Daniel feels better now.

  4. Thanks, Lisa, for your lovely comment about my girls' baptisms :)
    I appreciate this unwrapping post. Your perspective on turning wonderfully ordinary things to a to do on a checklist resonated with me. I have just started to use a planner, and I am trying to stay balanced between the things that need to be planned versus those things that are going to be completed whether planned or not. I really enjoyed this post :)


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