Sunday, July 26, 2015

when it rains...

When it rains, it pours!

Dan and I were drenched, literally soaked to the skin, when out for a walk Sunday afternoon after church. It was sunny when we left the house. Who knew those dark storm clouds were just over the mountains out of sight? After a hot bath, I discovered that Daniel had the kettle going for tea and a slow fire was crackling in the woodstove. Crazy way to spend a late-July afternoon. It was all of 60 degree outside, and although the sun reappeared, I opted to curl up on the sofa to finish my Mitford story rather than to venture back outdoors.

Other weekending included:

Transforming AnnaLynn's room from one suited to a young girl to that of a young lady...she picked out new bedding at Ikea which inspired the new paint color.

While I was busy painting, the guys busied themselves with the building of a rabbit hutch for Anna's bunny.

The kitchen got a much needed deep cleaning.

We watched a old, kinda corny, yet fun Heath Ledger movie with the kids on Friday night:

A Knight's Tale (2001) Poster

(Yes, we forgot about the lack of clothing on Geoffrey Chaucer who had lost them while gambling -- "Ooops! Anna, don't look!!")

Finally, we enjoyed yummy pizza and wine at the Rusty Grape with Jess, Zack, and his folks on Saturday evening. Only about three weeks before J & Z leave for Scotland, so we're taking advantage of every opportunity we have to spend time with them. :)

Lots for which to be thankful! How about you?

Joining Karen :)


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  1. Anonymous7/27/2015

    I am so glad you are receiving rain in your mountains. Here, rain comes in really hard, pounding storms. So good to begin the transition in your lovely daughter's room. Watching them grow is such a gift!

  2. 60F? You are kidding me ;) I want 60F! :)
    Your daughter has the prettiest taste, I love the new wall color. I have a can of paint sitting here so I can redo a bathroom, but I am waiting until Erin and family leave next week before I tackle that project
    I'm so glad you received some much needed rain..

  3. a busy weekend! how lovely about the fire; sounds so cozy; it's going to be hot again here this week; up to 96 F tomorrow! too hot... but one day at a time and I am so thankful we have AC here.

  4. I like the color of Anna's room. I'm waiting to see the finished look with her new furniture. They grow up so fast! Did you ever really finish your book?

  5. So good to read that you had a good downpour of needed rain. How refreshing. And the cool 60 degree temperature must have been a surprising change.

    I painted daffodil yellow walls in a bedroom shared by a pair of young sisters. Anna's new color is a vivacious one and quite pretty.

    Anytime I stop to read in the middle of the day I consider it a luxury. The quote by J. Calvin in the previous post is a good one to keep in mind. Thank you.

  6. that happened to us a few years ago when the rain just dumped on us, we called our son at the house to drive down to get us....of course it took a while and we were soaked no matter what. Lovely photos! I survived the wedding!! and it was beautiful and wonderful.

  7. Wow! 60 degrees F! It has been very humid in Maryland the last 1 1/2 weeks. A Knight's Tale is an enjoyable movie, and I forget about Chaucer's lack of clothing every time.


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