Monday, October 5, 2015


Warm sunny days continue as we work our way into October...the temerature here on Sunday reached almost 80 (and we're expecting 83 which would be a record high for today). So wishing we could send our weather to those of you on the east coast who have been inundated with rain. Praying you are all well and have been spared of any flooding. It seems that the massive El Nino in the Pacific will give us, here in the Pacific northwest, another mild and dry fall and winter, at least that's what the weather experts are sayig. I cannot imagine what the stream and river levels will look like next summer if we don't get a snow pack again this year. But I'll not complain after seeing this (so glad your house is dry, Tracey).

Enjoying the extended bloom of my cosmos, alyssum, marigolds, morning glory vines, petunias, and fuschia baskets (no pics, I know...) -- such a contrast between the changing colors in the trees and my flowers. Wondering how long until Jack Frost visits; we've been close a few nights, but not quite...

This weekend we:
  • Harvested rosemary, onions, tomatoes, and carrots
  • Baked a loaf of sourdough bread (!!) with my new starter (in my new red dutch oven -- thanks, M!) as well as two loaves of banana bread and butterscotch buns (so glad my Anna likes to bake)
  • Stacked wood from last weekend's wood day
  • Washed the car
  • Cleaned the garage
  • Visited a favorite local walking trail and discovered a new one, too (and stopped for a scoop of ice cream in Hockinson afterward)
  • Ate pizza and drank good wine at a local winery
Sunday after church Dan grilled a tri-tip that we served with a big green salad, fresh dug potatoes from the garden, and thick slices of buttered sourdough. Delicious! :)

joining Karen :)



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  1. tulip trees!!! Yellow is a beautiful color :) Sounds like a really really nice weekend :)

    1. Tulip trees are my favorite! We planted ours the first year we lived here; it's so fun to see how much it's grown!

  2. Sour dough bread, my one big weakness, yum!
    I love seeing your beautiful smile Lisa!
    Thank you Lisa, I am very lucky to have a dry home as others do not. My home is built 13 feet up on pillars just for this reason since my land is only 3 feet above sea level.
    We use to love walking the tracks, but now they are all gone, they were pulled up and the line was turned into a walking trail. Times changing.

    1. Praying for all your neighbors and hoping for some relief for you all in SC soon. Praise God for your foresite in building "up". I love the coast, and your photos give evidence to the beauty that surrounds your home. Lord willing, things will dry up soon and return to normal. :)
      Changing times, indeed! Our tracks are used only for holiday weekend tours these days. But we're thankful for that! xo

  3. Just became a sourdough started myself! Your bread looks so perfect. love your images!!!

  4. It's been in the mid-70s here the last couple of days...I love it and hate it all at once. Love it because, well, it's fall and it's in the 70's :-) Hate it because we have these cursed Asian Lady Beetles INUNDATING us...they are thick in the sky, fly right into your face when you walk outside, they bite, and they coat the walls of the houses, inside and out! They are everywhere, and are a bad dream I'm looking forward to waking up from when the temperatures finally drop. Do you have them where you are?

    1. Hi LORI!! So good to hear from you. :)
      The one bug my daughter's been complaining about is stink bugs; don't know if they're the same as what you have out there, but they're everywhere. Fruit flies are terrible right now, too. It's the weather. This blessed mild, Indian summer weather! We need a good frost to fix things, but it seems the El Nino is keeping things on the warm side. I get what you mean by both loving and hating it! I'm ready for hunkering down, but my garden hasn't yet given up for the season. Crazy!
      xo Lisa :)

    2. Nope, not stink bugs...the satanic little beasts we have here look like orange ladybugs, but they are NOT ladylike!!! They do stink, sour tobacco/old ashtrays. Some nitwit imported them from Asia because they looked like ladybugs and were expected to help eat aphids. They've been yet another modern-agricultural disaster :-(

      Much happening in our little corner of the world...I have a blog post almost ready to go, time to re-awaken my "Farm Beginnings" blog! You'll be surprised, as will everyone!

    3. Will look forward to seeing what you've been up to! Haven't seen that particular pest, thankfully. So sorry you've got them in your area. :( Take care!


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