Monday, November 2, 2015

52 :)

Guess what? I celebrated my birthday last Thursday and thus began my 53rd revolution around the sun. :)  And since the big day was a Thursday, I was blessed with a long and incredibly full weekend in which I...

had coffee with Jeff & Christina, played with and read to my girls (Charlotte & Linnea), worked on my budding selfie skills (ha!), had dinner at the Rusty Grape, marveled at the spunk of a nine month old, skyped with Jessica, saw Bridge of Spies (excellent new Tom Hanks movie), made a ton of progress on my Citron, cast on a Starshower cowl, spent far too much time (is there such a thing?) browsing Ravelry looking for yarn and being inspired, flipped the calendar (welcome November!), turned back the clock, and enjoyed a slow Sunday afternoon with friends.

The kindnesses, the gifts of God in my life sometimes overwhelm me. And since a new year means new beginnings, I started a new gratitude journal -- a gift to myself -- so I won't forget. :)

Joining Karen :)


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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like such a wonderful celebration!

  2. Happy birthday Lisa, you wear 52 very well! :)
    Your grandbabies are so beautiful, I think being a grandparent is
    on of the best joys of growing older, I love it and I know you do too.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words! We did have a swell time, and Tracey, I absolutely do love being a grandmama. :) xo

  4. happy birthday, dearie!! I love that your weekend was filled with the ones you loved and doing what you love :)

  5. Oh, my. Charlotte and Linnea are cuties. They resemble their grandmother and share her smiles. My grandchildren came to my birthday party too, recently. They are coming "over the river and through the woods" to see us for Thanksgiving next (3 hour drive).

    Happy Birthday. I never thought of another year as another year 'round the sun. That's an interesting thought.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, dear Lisa! What a lovely, long weekend you enjoyed, and with such precious, precious people :-) That pizza looks delish...

    I finished reading 1000 Gifts, and am officially an Ann Voskamp fan now...wanting to start my own gratitude journal. Many blessings as you begin yours!

  7. Many thanks, dear ladies, for the birthday wishes! :) So, so much to be thankful for including each of you! :)


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