Friday, November 6, 2015

first frost, a doe, tiny tea leaves, and a beautiful sunset :)

We woke to our first frost of the season on Wednesday the 4th; it was only a light one...barely 32 degrees. Barely even enough to scratch "first frost" into. I ventured out into what's left of the garden and picked the final few tomatoes; they were rinsed, chopped, seasoned, and roasted at 350 for 90 minutes before being pureed into sauce that went into the freezer. A doe and her fawn strolled through our back yard earlier this week (her fawn's rump is visible in the lower left corner over the slope). They like nibbling on our lawn. :)

Yesterday we drove to Gearhart -- nice to trade a wee bit of work for lodging. I like bartering. :)  We weren't able to leave until early in the afternoon, and while knitting, I hoped and prayed that we'd arrive in time for the sunset...

We made it -- so thankful! :)

Jeff, Christina, and the girls are joining us later today! Looking forward to a slow, fun, weekend which could only be better if Jess & Z could be here, too. Miss them.

Knitting: Tiny Tea Leaves for Charlotte

Happy weekending,


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  1. love the tiny tea leaves :) so squishy good! That deer shot is awesome, you have steadier hands or a real big girl camera!! May you have a fabulous Friday :)

  2. Beautiful sunset! I made that sweater a few years ago for my daughter! She loved that sweater. Only problem is it eventually got thrown into the wash and now it's felted! She won't throw it away, though. She said she's saving it for when she has a little girl. She's got a ways to wait, though, she's
    I love the color of the yarn you're using! It looks perfect for fall and winter!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful photos Lisa. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I wish the whole world was on the barter system, I think things would be a lot happier.
    I am a wee bit envious you had a frost, I am still melting here, 83 today, but I hear cooler weather is on its way!

  4. Anonymous11/06/2015

    First frost...really? so soon already? here we had over 70 degrees today...but I am so looking forward to cooler temperatures :0) what beautiful photos you have shared ... mari

  5. you beat us with the first frost...thought we were getting cold enough last night, but didn't happen.....sooon! Looks like a great weekend you have planned!!! Enjoy!

  6. Beautiful sunset! We've had a few frosts up here in Wisconsin at the night some snowflakes mixed in with the rain! Nooooooooot ready for that stuff yet!

  7. It's not picture heavy, it's picture wonderful! What great photos. Tiny Tealeaves is one of my favorites.


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