Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas knitting & Advent reading :)

God brings the weary woman laughter. Laughter is His gift--oxygenated grace.
~Ann Voskamp

Reading: I've got several books going right now, but my favorite is this gem of an Advent devotional by Ann Voskamp. While I'm not a huge Ann fan (just have a hard time with her writing style, I guess), she has impacted me by deepening my sense of gratitude and opening my eyes to the many graces and mercies of God in my life that I might otherwise have missed. The short daily readings and questions included in The Greatest Gift  have certainly been a blessing so far this Advent season.

Knitting: I've got even more knitting projects going than books right now; just did a quick count of my wip's on Ravelry - 15 - yikes! Thankfully, not all 15 are knits for Christmas which would be impossible. The one currently receiving the most attention is this Christmas knit for my Anna. It's a super soft bulky yarn from Lion Brand and the needles are huge, so it'll go fast which makes me happy. :)

I think I'll need to organize all those wip's once Christmas knitting is done. Really, I shouldn't cast on a single new project until I've completed what I've started, and I definitely shouldn't buy any new yarn...

What's on your needles? What are you reading?

Joining Ginny :)


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  1. I have the book on my kindle, I might start it today so I've read it before the 25th! Lovely knitting :)

  2. 15??? oh, my!!! You need to join my support group!!!!! (I have a-l-m-o-s-t that many.)

  3. Wow. 15? I thought I had a lot of WIP's! That is kind of my goal for 2016 is to finish them all and not buy yarn, but to use the yarn I have purchased already for projects yet started.

  4. I'm afraid to count my WIPs. I don't think it would be 15 but it would be a rather large number for sure!

  5. The yarn looks stunning - color and stitch definition are so yummy :)

  6. That yarn is so pretty. That will be some very enjoyable knitting.

  7. I have that book on my Kindle so I should read it again! I like your green-so-green yarn!

  8. I have many wips right now too...I think I need to make a plan to get things finished in the new year. I haven't read that book, I am going to look for it. Happy Knitting & Reading!

  9. I didn't learn of the Advent Journal until too late this season, but will get it sometime in 2016 so I have it for next Advent! Her book is, as she says, not an easy read...because of her writing style...but I kept at it and it impacted me mightily, for similar reasons you've mentioned about her devotional book that you have. Tough read, but I've become a big Ann fan! I'm a big Lisa fan, too ;-) <3 Merry Christmas Blessings to you!


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