Monday, December 7, 2015

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I know I've not been a very consistent blogger of late...discovered IG and find the ease of quick posts and the all-in-one convenience of using the smart phone to be far less time consuming. Time. Never seems to be enough to do all the things I want to do... And, of course, there is (always) work that needs my attention.

With all that doing, there has to be time for loving on my favorite people. That said, I enjoy this space and don't want cobwebs to accumulate, but for now, I'm accepting the fact that at least for now my time here will be hit and miss.

Knitting for Christmas has kept me busy, and I'm loving it. Prayers with each stitch for the intended recipient -- joy that fills my heart with the completion of each project! :)  I did fit in a wee test knit for my friend Rebekah of BekahKnits for her new Cuppa Cozy pattern (as I type, the pattern is not yet up on her site, but it should be soon!).  UPDATE: Pattern is now available -- click here!

Gratitudes:  The tree is up, shopping is nearly finished, and lots of yarn is waiting to be knit. Looking forward to wrapping presents later this week! My new mugs: the "joy" that I picked up on sale at Fred Meyer in BG and the one with all the signatures...a gift from my humanities' class students -- love them! :) Advent candles and readings. Rain! It's been coming down like cats and dogs and is expected to continue throughout the week. The snow level has fallen (not to 900' where we are) but low enough that the Cascades should be blanketed with white -- just what our area needed. Praising God from Whom all blessings flow! What's on your gratitude list?

Weekending with Karen :)


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  1. I always wondered why others had stopped blogging and made the transition to IG, well now I know and find myself there much more than in my little blog space, but you already knew that ;)
    Life is busy here too and I wish it would slow down, but I am trying to enjoy it as if flies by.
    Love,love your tree my dear friend!

  2. IG isn't as satisfying as blogging to me. It's just too small of a glimpse, but I like it.
    Your tree looks so pretty! Good for you, knitting such lovely things!

  3. Anonymous12/07/2015

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  4. I just love that mug with the mittens on it! I love IG but I enjoy having more time to write on the blog. Speaking of time I am trying to enjoy these days and not be so darn busy. Tis the season!

  5. While I do enjoy IG, I much prefer blogging...more photos, more words. I've got years invested here and don't intend to give up this space, it's just that IG is quick and easy in comparison as a time investment. The time I put into a blog post as compared to what it takes to post on IG makes it an easy choice during these busy days. I love the Yarn Along community as well as my Weekending pals. So many friendships born of each! :)

  6. I love ig it's like fast food (easy and quick) but blogging is like a sit down dinner with family and friends. Lots of preparation. Love your house and seeing what you are up to this week!


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